bims:lagging reports

We say that a report is timely if the date of its last sent issue is six or less issues ago. A report that is not timely is called “lagging”. We don’t process it in the same way.

For some technical details, read on.

At the time of the release of a new bims issue, one or more reports may become lagging. When the reports page is updated next time, all lagging reports are no longer listed. As soon as a report becomes timely, it is listed again.

At the time of release of a new bims issue, report issues are created by timeliness. When a report is lagging, the selector only receives a reminder that no issue is created at this time. We keep sending these reminders unless the selector lets us know that (s)he wants to abandon the report.

When a selector of a lagging report has worked on all available issues of that report, two things happen. First a new learning model is created. This may take several hours! Then up to six new issues are released to the selector. This process continues until the report is timely.

A report is automatically considered abandoned if the last sent issue date is 36 or more weeks ago. The report will be in that state until a selector is ready to work on it.