bims: timeliness

This is the default order of reports. First we list reports that are up-to-date with the current issue. Then we list the ones that are up-to-date with the previous issue, and so on. Thus, the top spots on the reports list are up for grabs every week.

Within each issue, we list reports by the time the selector completes the pick-up stage. If there are several completions—say because the selector went back to change the original choice—we use the last time the selection was made. Selectors can take time on the non-required screens. This will have no impact on the position of the issue.

Timeliness is not only the order by which the reports are listed on the homepage. It is also the order by which report issues are released to the selectors. Selectors who are timely this week will get the next report issues earlier.

Now that’s really geeky, isn’t it?