bims:Biomed News

Biomed News—or “bims” for short—is an emerging service for experts in biomedical topics as covered by PubMed. The experts curate topic-specific reports. In that way, they stay up-to-date with the topic. At the same time, they demonstrate their expertise.

We continue to recruit experts as selectors to open reports. When you become a selector, you will realize that our machine-learning based relevance order is more flexible, more precise and more fun than PubMed searches.

On 2023‒04‒04, our selector Camila Kehl Dias, PhD candidate at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul noted

After having been a selector in Bims for over two years, I have never been more up-to-date with the literature. The selections I get every week are astounding because they are so precise at the top, and further down show papers that I would have not seen in searches. They are not on my topic but are still of interest to me.

And yes, our system is free to use and the data we produce is free to reuse.

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