bims:intellectual property

The Biomed news service belongs to the Open Library Society. The society is the legal body representing the service.

The inclusion of a paper in a report issue and the exclusion of others in the same report issue is the intellectual property of the selector. The selector grants the Open Library Society a royalty-free, permanent and non-exclusive license to disseminate this information, together with the provenance information that the selector agreed to.

When we open a report, we take the provenance information that the selector gives us. This information may include the selector's name, e-mail address, as well as affiliation data. Selectors understand that this data is disseminated as part of the report issues. Dissemination via rsync is instantaneous. If a selector wants to restrict the amount of personal data that has been disseminated, we honour that request. We can remove it from our data. This “our” data includes older report issues. But we can not remove it from copies that third parties will have cached.

The PubMed data that is used in Biomed news has been compiled by the National Library of Medicine. Terms and condition to the use of the data is the same as PubMed.

The text on a web page is the property of whomever is mentioned as maintaining it.

The ernad code, mainly Perl, python, and XSLT, which makes the service run, belongs to Thomas Krichel.