bims-myxlip Biomed News
on Myxoid liposarcoma
Issue of 2023‒11‒05
two papers selected by
Laura Mannarino, Humanitas Research

  1. In Vivo. 2023 Nov-Dec;37(6):37(6): 2634-2641
      BACKGROUND/AIM: The prognosis of metastatic and inoperable sarcomas is extremely poor, and intensive chemotherapy-based treatment is typically administered to prolong survival. Currently, pazopanib, eribulin, and trabectedin are key drugs used in patients with these sarcomas. The aim of the study was to identify prognostic factors for metastatic and inoperable bone and soft tissue sarcomas.PATIENTS AND METHODS: Clinicopathological data of 46 patients with metastatic and inoperable sarcomas treated with pazopanib, eribulin, and trabectedin between January 2013 and February 2022 at our institution were retrospectively analyzed. Age, sex, primary tumor location, adverse effects, history of doxorubicin and radiation therapy, performance status scores, maximum tumor response, and survival duration were evaluated. The significant prognostic factors were identified using Cox proportional hazards models. Moreover, the 5-year survival rate was evaluated using the Kaplan-Meier method.
    RESULTS: The median survival duration after treatment was 13.3 months, where the 5-year overall survival rate was estimated to be 9.85%. Both univariate and multivariate analyses revealed significant relationships among patient prognosis, performance status, and tumor response.
    CONCLUSION: Performance status scores and tumor response were significantly associated with patient prognosis. Therefore, regardless of age, sex, primary tumor location, adverse effects, and history of doxorubicin and radiation therapy, use of cutting-edge drugs, such as pazopanib, eribulin, and trabectedin, may be advantageous in patients with advanced sarcomas, if their drug response and performance status scores are good.
    Keywords:  Pazopanib; eribulin; metastatic inoperable sarcomas; trabectedin
  2. Front Oncol. 2023 ;13 1297215
    Keywords:  chemotherapy; combination (combined) therapy; immunotherapy; personalized medicine; sarcoma