bims-myxlip Biomed News
on Myxoid liposarcoma
Issue of 2023‒10‒01
one paper selected by
Laura Mannarino, Humanitas Research

  1. iScience. 2023 Oct 20. 26(10): 107678
      Soft tissue sarcomas (STSs) are rare malignant tumors that are difficult to prognosticate using currently available instruments. Omics sciences could provide more accurate and individualized survival predictions for patients with metastatic STS. In this pilot, hypothesis-generating study, we integrated clinicopathological variables with proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR) plasma metabolomic and lipoproteomic profiles, capturing both tumor and host characteristics, to identify novel prognostic biomarkers of 2-year survival. Forty-five metastatic STS (mSTS) patients with prevalent leiomyosarcoma and liposarcoma histotypes receiving trabectedin treatment were enrolled. A score combining acetate, triglycerides low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-2, and red blood cell count was developed, and it predicts 2-year survival with optimal results in the present cohort (84.4% sensitivity, 84.6% specificity). This score is statistically significant and independent of other prognostic factors such as age, sex, tumor grading, tumor histotype, frailty status, and therapy administered. A nomogram based on these 3 biomarkers has been developed to inform the clinical use of the present findings.
    Keywords:  Cancer; Metabolomics; Systems biology