bims-myxlip Biomed News
on Myxoid liposarcoma
Issue of 2023‒04‒23
one paper selected by
Laura Mannarino
Humanitas Research

  1. Indian J Pathol Microbiol. 2023 Apr-Jun;66(2):66(2): 347-349
      Primary pericardial neoplasms account for 6.7-12.8% of all primary tumors arising in the cardiac region. Pericardial tumors are most likely to be metastatic and are an extension of the primary tumors from the surrounding structures. Sarcomas of the pericardium are rare. Myxoid liposarcoma (ML) represents about 5% of all the soft-tissue sarcomas in adults. They are usually located in the deep soft tissues of the extremities. There have been less than 20 cases of pericardial liposarcomas reported on PubMed since 1973. Here, we present a rare case of primary giant pericardial myxoid liposarcoma (ML) in a 46-year-old female diagnosed on frozen section and later was confirmed histopathologically.
    Keywords:  Large; liposarcoma; pericardial