bims-myxlip Biomed News
on Myxoid liposarcoma
Issue of 2023‒01‒15
two papers selected by
Laura Mannarino
Humanitas Research

  1. Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Dec 30. pii: 680. [Epub ahead of print]24(1):
      Although the overall survival of advanced soft-tissue sarcoma (STS) patients has increased in recent years, the median progression-free survival is lower than 5 months, meaning that there is an unmet need in this population. Among second-line treatments for advanced STS, eribulin is an anti-microtubule agent that has been approved for liposarcoma. Here, we tested the combination of eribulin with gemcitabine in preclinical models of L-sarcoma. The effect in cell viability was measured by MTS and clonogenic assay. Cell cycle profiling was studied by flow cytometry, while apoptosis was measured by flow cytometry and Western blotting. The activity of eribulin plus gemcitabine was evaluated in in vivo patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. In L-sarcoma cell lines, eribulin plus gemcitabine showed to be synergistic, increasing the number of hypodiploid events (increased subG1 population) and the accumulation of DNA damage. In in vivo PDX models of L-sarcomas, eribulin combined with gemcitabine was a viable scheme, delaying tumour growth after one cycle of treatment, being more effective in leiomyosarcoma. The combination of eribulin and gemcitabine was synergistic in L-sarcoma cultures and it showed to be active in in vivo studies. This combination deserves further exploration in the clinical context.
    Keywords:  eribulin; gemcitabine; leiomyosarcoma; liposarcoma; soft-tissue sarcoma
  2. Immunotherapy. 2023 Jan 11.
    Keywords:  cancer immunology; checkpoint inhibitors; immunotherapy; sarcoma; soft tissue; trabectedin