bims-myxlip Biomed News
on Myxoid liposarcoma
Issue of 2021‒08‒29
two papers selected by
Laura Mannarino
Humanitas Research

  1. J Med Cases. 2021 Apr;12(4): 160-163
      Unique features and treatment effects of trabectedin are presented in consideration of soft tissue sarcoma management. A prolonged time on trabectedin through 59 cycles is shown. This is one of the longer reported uses of trabectedin successfully to control disease. Adjunctive cytoreduction options with surgery, radiation or ablation are presented. Future studies would be helpful to investigate treatment holidays, the impact of multi-modality care and assessment of genetics of clonal metastases. This may assist in guiding and selecting patients for priority treatment with trabectedin.
    Keywords:  Chemotherapy; Control; Duration; Liposarcoma; Long; Sarcoma; Soft; Trabectedin
  2. Biomedicines. 2021 Aug 19. pii: 1048. [Epub ahead of print]9(8):
      Sarcomas comprise a collection of highly heterogeneous malignancies that can be grossly grouped in the categories of sarcomas with simple or complex genomes. Since the outcome for most sarcoma patients has barely improved in the last decades, there is an urgent need for improved therapies. Immunotherapy, and especially T cell checkpoint blockade, has recently been a game-changer in cancer therapy as it produced significant and durable treatment responses in several cancer types. Currently, only a small fraction of sarcoma patients benefit from immunotherapy, supposedly due to a general lack of somatically mutated antigens (neoantigens) and spontaneous T cell immunity in most cancers. However, genomic events resulting from chromosomal instability are frequent in sarcomas with complex genomes and could drive immunity in those tumors. Improving our understanding of the mechanisms that shape the immune landscape of sarcomas will be crucial to overcoming the current challenges of sarcoma immunotherapy. This review focuses on what is currently known about the tumor microenvironment in sarcomas and how this relates to their genomic features. Moreover, we discuss novel therapeutic strategies that leverage the tumor microenvironment to increase the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy, and which could provide new avenues for the treatment of sarcomas.
    Keywords:  checkpoint blockade; genomics; heterogeneity; immunotherapy; sarcoma; tumor microenvironment