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on Discovery and characterization of microproteins
Issue of 2022‒09‒04
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Thomas Farid Martínez
University of California, Irvine

  1. Plant Mol Biol. 2022 Aug 31.
      KEY MESSAGE: This study identified four novel regulatory non-AUG-initiated upstream ORFs (uORFs) with evolutionarily conserved sequences in Arabidopsis and elucidated the mechanism by which a non-AUG-initiated uORF promotes main ORF translation. Upstream open reading frames (uORFs) are short ORFs found in the 5'-untranslated regions (5'-UTRs) of eukaryotic transcripts and can influence the translation of protein-coding main ORFs (mORFs). Recent genome-wide ribosome profiling studies have revealed that hundreds or thousands of uORFs initiate translation at non-AUG start codons. However, the physiological significance of these non-AUG uORFs has so far been demonstrated for only a few of them. In this study, to identify physiologically important regulatory non-AUG uORFs in Arabidopsis, we took an approach that combined bioinformatics and experimental analysis. Since physiologically important non-AUG uORFs are likely to be conserved across species, we first searched the Arabidopsis genome for non-AUG-initiated uORFs with evolutionarily conserved sequences. Then, we examined the effects of the conserved non-AUG uORFs on the expression of the downstream mORFs using transient expression assays. As a result, three inhibitory and one promotive non-AUG uORFs were identified. Among the inhibitory non-AUG uORFs, two exerted repressive effects on mORF expression in an amino acid sequence-dependent manner. These two non-AUG uORFs are likely to encode regulatory peptides that cause ribosome stalling, thereby enhancing their repressive effects. In contrast, one of the identified regulatory non-AUG uORFs promoted mORF expression by alleviating the inhibitory effect of a downstream AUG-initiated uORF. These findings provide insights into the mechanisms that enable non-AUG uORFs to play regulatory roles despite their low translation initiation efficiencies.
    Keywords:  Arabidopsis; Nascent peptide; Non-AUG translation initiation; Translational regulation; Upstream ORF