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on Mal de débarquement syndrome
Issue of 2022‒09‒04
one paper selected by
Jun Maruta
Mount Sinai Health System

  1. Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep. 2022 Aug 31.
      PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To explore recent developments in vestibular migraine (VM).RECENT FINDINGS: This review discusses the current diagnostic criteria for VM in the adult and pediatric populations, as proposed by the International Headache Society and Bárány Society. Recent VM studies confirm the prior findings and reveal new insights, including the wide range of vestibular symptoms, symptoms in the attack-free period, and triggers. Many patients experience persistent vestibular symptoms, even in the absence of acute attacks, which often significantly impact patients' quality of life. The syndrome of benign recurrent vertigo and its relationship to migraine, VM, and Meniere's disease is also discussed. There is a dearth of randomized controlled trials in VM treatment. Prospective and retrospective studies support the benefit of many migraine treatments are effective in VM, including neuromodulation, and calcitonin gene-related peptide monoclonal antibodies. VM affects almost 3% of the population, but remains under-diagnosed. Recent diagnostic criteria can help clinicians diagnose VM in adults and children.
    Keywords:  Dizziness; Migraine; Vertigo; Vestibular migraine