bims-hypusi Biomed News
on Hypusine and eIF5A
Issue of 2023‒08‒06
one paper selected by
Sebastian J. Hofer
University of Graz

  1. J Gen Appl Microbiol. 2023 Aug 02.
      In an extreme thermophile, Thermus thermophilus, sym-homospermidine is synthesized by the actions of two enzymes. The first enzyme coded by dhs gene (annotated to be deoxyhypusine synthase gene) catalyzes synthesis of an intermediate, supposed to be 1,9-bis(guanidino)-5-aza-nonane (=N1, N11-bis(amidino)-sym-homospermidine), from two molecules of agmatine in the presence of NAD. The second enzyme (aminopropylagmatinase) coded by speB gene catalyzes hydrolysis of the intermediate compound to sym-homospermidine releasing two molecules of urea.
    Keywords:  Thermus thermophilus; aminopropylagmatinase; deoxyhypusine synthase; polyamine metabolism; thermophile