bims-ecmrat Biomed News
on Extracellular matrix remodeling in adipose tissue
Issue of 2023‒10‒15
one paper selected by
Valdemar Brimnes Ingemann Johansen, University of Copenhagen

  1. Adipocyte. 2023 Dec;12(1): 2268261
      Alterations of the extracellular matrix contribute to adipose tissue dysfunction in metabolic disease. We studied the role of matrix density in regulating human adipocyte phenotype in a tunable hydrogel culture system. Lipid accumulation was maximal in intermediate hydrogel density of 5 weight %, relative to 3% and 10%. Adipogenesis and lipid and oxidative metabolic gene pathways were enriched in adipocytes in 5% relative to 3% hydrogels, while fibrotic gene pathways were enriched in 3% hydrogels. These data demonstrate that the intermediate density matrix promotes a more adipogenic, less fibrotic adipocyte phenotype geared towards increased lipid and aerobic metabolism. These observations contribute to a growing literature describing the role of matrix density in regulating adipose tissue function.
    Keywords:  Adipocyte; adipogenesis; adipose tissue; hydrogel; matrix