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on Cerebellar cortical circuitry
Issue of 2023‒04‒16
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Jun Maruta
Mount Sinai Health System

  1. Zoolog Sci. 2023 Apr;40(2): 141-150
      The cerebellum receives inputs via the climbing fibers originating from the inferior olivary nucleus in the ventral medulla. In mammals, the climbing fibers entwine and terminate onto both major and peripheral branches of dendrites of the Purkinje cells. In this study, the inferior olivary nucleus and climbing fiber in the goldfish were investigated with several histological techniques. By neural tracer application to the hemisphere of the cerebellum, labeled inferior olivary neurons were found in the ventral edge of the contralateral medulla. Kainate stimulated Co + + uptake and gephyrin immunoreactivities were found in inferior olivary neurons, indicating, respectively, that they receive both excitatory (glutamatergic) and inhibitory (GABAergic or glycinergic) inputs. Inferior olivary neurons express vglut2.1 transcripts, suggesting they are glutamatergic. Around 85% of inferior olivary neurons were labeled with anti-calretinin antiserum. Calretinin immunoreactive (ir) climbing fiber terminal-like structures were distributed near the Purkinje cells and in the molecular layer. Double labeling immunofluorescence with anti-calretinin and zebrin II antisera revealed that the calretinin-ir climbing fibers run along and made synaptic-like contacts on the major dendrites of the zebrin II-ir Purkinje cells. In teleost fish, cerebellar efferent neurons, eurydendroid cells, also lie near the Purkinje cells and extend dendrites outward to intermingle with dendrites of the Purkinje cells within the molecular layer. Here we found no contacts between the climbing fiber terminals and the eurydendroid cell dendrites. These results support the idea that Purkinje cells, but not eurydendroid cells, receive strong inputs via the climbing fibers, similar to the mammalian situation.
    Keywords:  calretinin; cerebellar efferent neuron; cerebellum; climbing fiber; inferior olivary nucleus; teleost