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on Respiratory supercomplex factors
Issue of 2021‒02‒07
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Vera Strogolova
Strong Microbials, Inc

  1. Int J Mol Sci. 2021 Feb 02. pii: 1462. [Epub ahead of print]22(3):
      The existence of a complete oxidative phosphorylation system (OXPHOS) supercomplex including both electron transport system and ATP synthases has long been assumed based on functional evidence. However, no structural confirmation of the docking between ATP synthase and proton pumps has been obtained. In this study, cryo-electron tomography was used to reveal the supramolecular architecture of the rat heart mitochondria cristae during ATP synthesis. Respirasome and ATP synthase structure in situ were determined using subtomogram averaging. The obtained reconstructions of the inner mitochondrial membrane demonstrated that rows of respiratory chain supercomplexes can dock with rows of ATP synthases forming oligomeric ordered clusters. These ordered clusters indicate a new type of OXPHOS structural organization. It should ensure the quickness, efficiency, and damage resistance of OXPHOS, providing a direct proton transfer from pumps to ATP synthase along the lateral pH gradient without energy dissipation.
    Keywords:  ATP synthase; cryo-electron microscopy; mitochondria; oxidative phosphorylation; respirasome; supercomplex