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on Respiratory Supercomplex Factors
Issue of 2018‒05‒06
one paper selected by
Josh Garlich
Medical College of Wisconsin

  1. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2018 Apr 26. pii: S0005-2728(18)30085-9. [Epub ahead of print]
    Borek A, Ekiert R, Osyczka A.
      Transfer of electron from quinol to cytochrome c is an integral part of catalytic cycle of cytochrome bc1. It is a multi-step reaction involving: i) electron transfer from quinol bound at the catalytic Qo site to the Rieske iron-sulfur ([2Fe-2S]) cluster, ii) large-scale movement of a domain containing [2Fe-2S] cluster (ISP-HD) towards cytochrome c1, iii) reduction of cytochrome c1 by reduced [2Fe-2S] cluster, iv) reduction of cytochrome c by cytochrome c1. In this work, to examine this multi-step reaction we introduced various types of barriers for electron transfer within the chain of [2Fe-2S] cluster, cytochrome c1 and cytochrome c. The barriers included: impediment in the motion of ISP-HD, uphill electron transfer from [2Fe-2S] cluster to heme c1 of cytochrome c1, and impediment in the catalytic quinol oxidation. The barriers were introduced separately or in various combinations and their effects on enzymatic activity of cytochrome bc1 were compared. This analysis revealed significant degree of functional flexibility allowing the cofactor chains to accommodate certain structural and/or redox potential changes without losing overall electron and proton transfers capabilities. In some cases inhibitory effects compensated one another to improve/restore the function. The results support an equilibrium model in which a random oscillation of ISP-HD between the Qo site and cytochrome c1 helps maintaining redox equilibrium between all cofactors of the chain. We propose a new concept in which independence of the dynamics of the Qo site substrate and the motion of ISP-HD is one of the elements supporting this equilibrium and also is a potential factor limiting the overall catalytic rate.
    Keywords:  Cytochrome bc(1); Domain movement; Electron transport chain; Enzymatic activity; Redox equilibrium; Uphill electron transfer