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  1. Front Public Health. 2023 ;11 1041360
      Objective: Focusing on the theme of "osteoporosis-related research in adolescents," a systematic visualization of the developmental lineage, current research status, hot spots, and trends of adolescent osteoporosis was conducted to provide a reference for subsequent related research, clinical diagnosis, and treatment.Method: The Web of Science core database was used as the data source to retrieve the relevant literature and the bibliometrics method. An online bibliometric platform, CiteSpace, and VOSviewer software were used to conduct co-occurrence analysis on the authors, scientific research institutions, national cooperation, keywords, and funding sources to draw the relevant knowledge map.
    Result: A total of 1,199 publications from the Web of Science core database were included in this study. The number of published adolescent osteoporosis (AOP) studies has shown an upward trend over the past 29 years, with the United States being the major contributor to the field with the highest number of publications (291, 24.3%) and the highest number of citations (12,186). The international collaboration map shows that the United States is the country most focused on international collaborative exchanges, with the closest collaboration between the United States and Canada. The most influential research institutions and authors are Children's Hospital and Rauch F. the United States is the primary funding source for this research area. Research hotspots were mainly focused on "bone density," "osteoporosis," and "children."
    Conclusion: These knowledge maps review the research hotpots in adolescent osteoporosis research over time, analyze and summarize the research process over the past 29 years, and predict future research directions.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; VOSviewer; adolescents osteoporosis; bibliometric; knowledge graphs
  2. Front Public Health. 2023 ;11 1055782
      Background: Sleep problems severely affect the quality of life in the elderly and have gradually gained attention among scholars. As a major hot spot of current research, sleep in older adults is highly exploratory and of great significance for human health.Objective: Therefore, in this study, the current state of the art of sleep research in older adults was analyzed through the visual mapping function of CiteSpace software. Using this software, we analyzed popular research questions and directions and revealed the development trends and research frontiers of this field.
    Methods: In this paper, we searched the Web of Science database for sleep-related studies focusing on older adults and analyzed the number of publications, journals, authors, institutions, country regions, and keywords by using CiteSpace software.
    Results: Our results revealed that the number of publications concerning sleep in older adults has gradually increased; after 2017, this field underwent rapid development. The journal Sleep has published the majority of the articles on sleep in older adults and has the highest citation frequency. The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has the highest impact factor and CiteScore among the top 10 journals in terms of the number of published articles. The United States has the highest number of publications and most of the leading institutions in this field are located in the United States, with the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Pittsburgh having the highest number of publications. Dzierzewski JM is the most published author and has played an important role in guiding the development of this field. Research in this area is focused on insomnia, sleep quality, depression, and sleep duration.
    Conclusion: The rapid development of sleep research in older adults, which shows a yearly growth trend, indicates that this field is receiving increasing attention from researchers. Insomnia in older adults is the most concerning problem in this field. At the same time, future research should continue to focus on the impact of sleep disorders on older adults to improve sleep and quality of life in older adults.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; aged; bibliometrics; older adults; sleep
  3. Front Neurol. 2023 ;14 1112070
      Background: Oculomotor nerve palsy (ONP) is a clinically occurring neurological disorder. Due to the complex anatomy and long travel distances of the oculomotor nerve, the causes of ONP vary and manifest in various ways. With continued interest in this area, it has become necessary to conduct a bibliometric study in ONP. This work aims to synthesize and visually identify current research themes and future trends in ONP through a literature-based analysis.Method: Articles and reviews on ONP published from 2002 to 2021 were derived from the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database. We generated visual images and performed quantitative and qualitative analysis through an online bibliometric tool, Citespace and VOSviewer software.
    Results: A total of 1,205 published articles were included in this analysis. The annual number of this area's publications is showing an overall upward trend, with the number of citations increasing every year, reaching 2,698 by 2021. The United States (367) and Japan (116) dominated the list with the most numerous articles published. The University of California Los Angeles in the USA is the institution that published the highest number of articles (47). Engle EC (23) and the JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY (46) are the most influential authors and journals in this field. The co-occurrence network analysis divided the keywords into five main research themes, which mainly include clinical manifestations of ONP, aneurysms, cerebral neurological symptoms, diseases with ONP as a complication, and other neurological disorders.
    Conclusion: This study is the first comprehensive and systematic bibliometric analysis of the current state of global ONP research over the past 20 years. We organized current hotspots and expected trends and provided key information for exploring potential research frontiers in ONP.
    Keywords:  Citespace; VOSviewer; bibliometric analysis; oculomotor nerve paralysis; web of science
  4. Humanit Soc Sci Commun. 2023 ;10(1): 84
      Substantial research on the topic of cultural heritage has been conducted over the past two decades. At the same time, the overall output volume of journals and citation metrics have become important parameters in assessing and ranking researchers' performance. Even though the scholarly interest in cultural heritage has recently increased world-wide, a comprehensive analysis of the publication output volume and its correlation to the shift in the cultural heritage regime starting in 2003 is still lacking. The article aims to understand the role of Web of Science (WOS) as a tool of knowledge management in academia by drawing on the scholarly output volume, the patterns displayed by this volume, and the intellectual structure of cultural heritage research based on WOS-indexed journal articles. The data include 1843 journal articles published between 2003 and 2022 and indexed in the WOS Core Collection. The article draws on a bibliometric analysis by using WOS tools and employing VOSviewer software to map and visualize hidden patterns of research collaboration and avenues of knowledge progress. The cultural heritage research indexed in WOS was found to be Eurocentric, corresponding to the increasing funding provided by European national and supranational agencies for research funding. Although the indexed research has grown significantly, the bulk of studies on cultural heritage in WOS is concentrated in a reduced number of European institutions and countries, written by a small number of prolific authors, with relatively poor collaborative ties emerging across time between authors, institutions, and countries. The central themes reflect the development of digital technologies and increased participatory emphasis in cultural heritage care. This article brings new insights into the analysis of the cultural heritage research in correlation with the emergence of international heritage governance with new institutional actors, professional networks, and international agreements, which are all constitutive elements of scientific production. The article seeks to critically assess and discuss the results and the role of WOS as a tool of knowledge management in academia.
    Keywords:  Complex networks; Sociology
  5. Front Cardiovasc Med. 2023 ;10 1071198
      Background: Transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV) is one of the transient receptor potential protein groups; cardiovascular system disease is a crucial cause of mortality among people globally.Objective: This article is intended to accomplish a bibliometric analysis of the trends and public interest since TRPV was reported for the first time.
    Methods: The article summarized the Web of Science (WOS) Core Collection on the relationship between TRPV and cardiovascular system disease each year from 2000 to 2021. Data extraction and visualization were completed by R package bibliometrix. Keyword citation burst and co-citation networks were generated and produced by CiteSpace. The map evaluating the distribution of country and region was painted in GunnMap 2 ( The ranking was performed using the Standard Competition Ranking method. Co-authorship and co-occurrence were analyzed with VOSviewer.
    Results: After removing duplicated data, books, conference proceedings, and articles of uncertain age, 493 were included, and 17 were excluded. The pattern of publication years showed that the number of publications increased rapidly from 2008 to 2021 with no peak in the number of publications until 2021. The geographical distribution pattern revealed a considerable gap in the number of publications between the United States, China, and other countries, with East Asian institutions leading the world in this area. The pattern of co-authorship showed that 77 institutions were divided into 19 clusters, each covering one country or region.These results suggest that intercontinental cooperation among institutions should be strengthened. The core authors section displayed the change in the most published authors. Keyword analysis listed six burst keywords. Co-citation analysis of references from 2011 to 2021 showed the number and centrality of citations to leading articles.
    Conclusion: Our findings reveal trends and public interest in transient receptor potential vanilloid for cardiovascular disease. These findings suggest that the field has experienced significant growth since 2008, with the United States and China in dominant positions. Our findings also suggest that intercontinental cooperation should be strengthened, and that future research hotspots may focus on pharmacological mechanisms and in-depth exploration of drug clinical trials and new clinical disease application areas such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac arrhythmias, which could serve as a foundation for further research.
    Keywords:  CVD; TRPV; bibliometric analysis methods; cardiovascular disease; transient receptor potential vanilloid
  6. Front Oncol. 2023 ;13 1137576
      Background: An increasing number of studies have found that the gut microbiota was related to the occurrence and development of lung cancer. Nonetheless, publication trends and research hotspots in this field remain unknown. The study aimed to perform a bibliometric analysis to systematically identify publication trends and research hotspots in the field of gut microbiota and lung cancer research within a 12-year panorama.Methods: Publications related to the gut microbiota and lung cancer between 1 January 2011 and 25 October 2022 were retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database. The online analytic tool of the WoSCC was used to analyze various bibliometric parameters. The bibliometrics website, CiteSpace, and VOSviewer were used to identify research trends and hotspots.
    Results: A total of 375 publications related to the gut microbiota and lung cancer were extracted from WoSCC and identified for analysis. The number of annual publications has grown rapidly since 2018 and reached a peak in 2022. China was the most prolific country in this field, with 120 publications, followed by the United States (114), with the highest H-index of 31. Additionally, France ranked the highest with an average of 133 citations, while the leading institution and journal were the Unicancer and the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, respectively. Interestingly, Routy Bertrand was the most prolific author and also the most cited author in terms of H-index and citations. Reference and keyword burst detection indicated that the research hotspots mainly included 1) the gut microbiota directly affects the efficacy of immunotherapy for lung cancer, 2) the application of different gut bacteria on lung cancer, and 3) the mechanism of the gut microbiota on lung cancer.
    Conclusion: The findings of this study revealed the general publication trends and evolving research hotspots in the field of gut microbiota and lung cancer at a global level. The research hotspots focused on the clinical application of the gut microbiota combined with immunotherapy in lung cancer and its mechanism. The findings of this study provide new perspectives on the field, which may shed light on a beneficial impact on further etiological studies, diagnosis, and treatment for lung cancer.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; VOSviewer; bibliometric; gut microbiota; lung cancer; visualization
  7. Front Immunol. 2023 ;14 1135096
      Background/Objectives: Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) is a distinct form of pancreatic inflammatory disease that responds well to glucocorticoid therapy. Knowledge on AIP has rapidly evolved over the past two decades. Based on bibliometric analysis, this study aimed to assess the research status of AIP over the past two decades and determine the research focus and emerging topics.Methods: AIP-related publications published between January 1, 2002, and June 6, 2022, were retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection. Bibliometric data were analyzed using HisCite, VOSviewer, CiteSpace, and bibliometrix package. Annual output, leading countries/regions, active institutions and authors, core journals and references, and keywords of AIP were evaluated.
    Results: Overall, 1,772 publications were retrieved from 501 journals by 6,767 authors from 63 countries/regions. Japan published articles on AIP the most (n=728, 41.1%), followed by the United States (n=336, 19%), Germany (n=147, 8.3%), China (n=127, 7%), and Italy (n=107, 6%). The top three most prolific authors were Terumi Kamisawa from Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital (n=117), Kazuichi Okazaki from Kansai Medical University (n=103), and Shigeyuki Kawa from Matsumoto Dental University (n=94). Pancreas was the most productive journal regarding AIP research (n=95), followed by the Journal of Gastroenterology (n=67), Internal Medicine (n=66), Pancreatology (n=63), and World Journal of Gastroenterology (n=62). "Diagnosis" was the most mentioned keyword. "Risk," "malignancy," "outcome," "22-gauge needle," and "fine-needle aspiration" were recognized as emerging topics.
    Conclusion: Japan was the leading country in AIP research. Research papers were mainly published in specialized journals. Diagnosis was the research focus. Long-term outcomes and pancreatic tissue acquisition were recognized as research frontiers for AIP.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; VOSviewer; autoimmune pancreatitis; bibliometrics; emerging topics; research focus
  8. Heliyon. 2023 Mar;9(3): e14145
      BACKGROUND: In recent years, liquid biopsy has shown great potential for improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. This study aimed to explore the trends and prospects in liquid biopsy for cancer from a bibliometric perspective.METHODS: Reviews and articles on liquid biopsy and cancer were collected from the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC). Key bibliometric characteristics were analyzed using CiteSpace. Co-occurrence analysis of keywords and co-citation analysis of references was performed.
    RESULTS: A total of 6331 publications from 11 years of scientific research were retrieved. Ninety-five countries and 7004 institutions in liquid biopsy and cancer contributed. The United States (US) and China published the most articles. The institution with the most published articles was the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The most published journals were Cancer and Frontiers in Oncology. "Bettegowda (2014)" was the most cited reference with the highest burst strength in the last decade. Cluster analysis revealed that the recent hot topics were "circulating tumor cells," "cancer," and "exosomes."
    CONCLUSIONS: This bibliometric analysis maps the basic knowledge structure of the field of liquid biopsy for cancer. The field is entering a phase of rapid development. The hot spots identified in this study deserve further investigation.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Cancer; CiteSpace; Frontiers; Liquid biopsy
  9. Am J Transl Res. 2023 ;15(2): 1386-1402
      BACKGROUND: Efferocytosis refers to the physiological clearance process of apoptotic cells by specialized and non-phagocytes and it is essential in human health and disease. However, there is a lack of comprehensive and objective reports on the current status of efferocytosis research. Here, we visually analyzed the hotspots and trending issues of efferocytosis research with bibliometric analysis.METHODS: Relevant publications were obtained from the Web of Science Core Collection on February 18, 2022. We performed bibliometric and visual analysis using CiteSpace, VOSviewer, Microsoft Excel 2019, and the online Bibliometric platform.
    RESULTS: A total of 1007 publications on efferocytosis were retrieved. The number of efferocytosis studies increased rapidly from 2006 to 2021. The country that published the most efferocytosis related articles was the USA and the most productive institutions were Harvard University and Brigham and Women's Hospital. The most prolific and influential author was I. Tabas of Columbia University. Frontiers in Immunology published the most research papers on efferocytosis, the while Journal of Immunology had the highest co-citation frequency. The high-frequency keywords were "efferocytosis", "inflammation", "apoptotic cells", "macrophages", and "apoptosis". The analysis of keywords with the strongest citation bursts identified "cell" and "resolution" as emerging hotspots.
    CONCLUSION: Our results demonstrated that efferocytosis research increased steadily within the past decade. Current efferocytosis studies focus on three main aspects: mechanisms, basic biology, and potential role in disease. The research trends included the cellular players of the efferocytosis process and the role of efferocytosis in inflammation resolution. This bibliometric analysis presented a comprehensive overview of efferocytosis research and provided valuable references and ideas for scholars interested in this field.
    Keywords:  Efferocytosis; apoptotic cell clearance; bibliometric analysis; inflammation; visual analysis
  10. Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2023 ;11 1094059
      Purpose: We investigated the current state and trends in the area during the previous 10 years using bibliometric approaches to evaluate the global scientific output of research on electroactive materials and spinal cord injury. Methods: Studies on spinal cord injury in electroactive materials that were published between 2012 and 2022 were located using the Web of science (WOS) datebase. The software programs bibliometrix R-package and CiteSpace were used to do quantitative analyses of annual publications, nation, author, institution, journal source, co-cited references, and keywords. The studies were categorized by the research's main points using a qualitative analysis, and publications having more than 10 citations each year. Results: In the final analysis, 1,330 relevant papers or reviews were included. There is an increased tendency in both the average annual citation rate and the number of publications in the discipline. The United States and the University of Toronto are the countries and institutions that have contributed the most to this discipline, respectively. The majority of authors are from the China and United States. Zhang Y is the author with the most published articles and holds the top position in the cited author h-index species. The journal with the highest number of published articles is "Disability and rehabilitation"; the journal is divided into four main areas including physics, materials, chemistry, molecular, and biology. The keyword analysis revealed a shift in research hotspots from schwann cell, fracture, and urinary disorders to carbon-based materials, functional recovery, and surgery. Analysis of qualitative data revealed that the role and mechanism of injectable conductive hydrogels in spinal cord healing after damage is a hot topic of current study, with the mechanism primarily focusing on the inhibition of oxidative stress (Nrf2) and apoptosis (Casepase 3). Conclusion: Our bibliometric analysis indicates that research on electroactive materials for spinal cord injury remains an active field of study. Moreover, contemporary research is concentrated on carbon-based materials, functional rehabilitation, and surgery.
    Keywords:  Citespace; bibliometrix; biomaterials; electroactive materials; spinal cord injury
  11. J Pain Res. 2023 ;16 725-747
      Background: Migraine is a serious global health concern that imposed a huge economic burden on social health care. Over the past few decades, the analgesic effects of acupuncture have been widely recognized, and there is a growing body of research on acupuncture for migraine. Citation analysis is a branch of bibliometrics that helps researchers analyze and identify historical or landmark studies within the scientific literature. Currently, there is no analysis of the 100 most highly cited publications on acupuncture for migraine.Methods: The 100 most highly cited publications on acupuncture for migraine were screened using the Science Citation Index Expanded of the Web of Science Core Collection database. CiteSpace and VOSviewer programs were used for bibliometric analysis.
    Results: A total of 493 publications on acupuncture for migraine were identified. 100 of the most highly cited publications on acupuncture for migraine were published from 1984-2020. These publications were cited 6142 times with an h-index of 44 and 84% were original articles. The highest frequency of citations was 416. A total of 335 authors were involved in the study with 37 lead authors. 212 institutions from 20 countries contributed to the 100 most highly cited publications. The most published studies came from the United States (n=36), followed by China (n=27) and Germany (n=26). The Technical University of Munich published the largest number of papers (n = 15). Top-cited publications mainly came from the Headache (n=13, citations=582). Neuroimaging is gradually emerging as a hot topic of research.
    Conclusion: This is the first bibliometric analysis to offer a thorough list of the 100 most highly cited papers on acupuncture for migraine, demonstrating significant progress and emerging trends in this field to assist researchers in determining the direction for further research.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; VOSviewer; acupuncture; bibliometric analysis; citation analysis; migraine
  12. Medicine (Baltimore). 2023 Mar 17. 102(11): e33191
      BACKGROUND: Studies of most-cited articles have been frequently conducted on various topics and in various medical fields. To date, no study has examined the characteristics of articles associated with theme classifications and research achievements of article entities related to nursing resilience. This study aims to graphically depict the characteristics of the 100 top-cited articles addressing nurse resilience (T100NurseR), diagram the relationship between articles and author collaborations according to themes extracted from article keywords, and examine whether article keywords are correlated with article citations.METHODS: T100NurseR publications were retrieved from the Web of Science (WoS) core collection on October 13, 2022. Themes associated with articles were explored using coword analysis in WoS keywords plus. The document category, journal ranking based on impact factor, authorship, and L-index and Y-index were used to analyze the dominant entities. To report the themes of T100NurseR and their research achievements in comparison to article entities and verify the hypothesis that keyword mean citation can be used to predict article citations, 5 visualizations were applied, including network diagrams, chord diagrams, dot plots, Kano diagrams, and radar plots.
    RESULTS: Citations per article averaged 61.96 (range, 25-514). There were 5 themes identified in T100NurseR, including Parses theory, nurse resilience, conflict management, nursing identity, and emotional intelligence. For countries, institutes, departments, and authors in comparison of category, journal impact factor, authorship, and L-index scores, Australia (129.80), the University of Western Sydney (23.12), Nursing (87.17), and Kim Foster (23.76) are the dominant entities. The weighted number of citations according to Keywords Plus in WoS is significantly correlated with article citations (Pearson R = 0.94; P = .001).
    CONCLUSION: We present diagrams to guide evidence-based clinical decision-making in nurse resilience based on the characteristics of the T100NurseR articles. Article citations can be predicted using weighted keywords. Future bibliographical studies may apply the 5 visualizations to relevant studies, not being solely restricted to T100NurseR.
  13. Front Public Health. 2023 ;11 1072521
      Background: Prediabetes is a widespread condition that represents the state between normal serum glucose and diabetes. Older individuals and individuals with obesity experience a higher rate of prediabetes. Prediabetes is not only a risk factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus (t2dm) but is also closely related to microvascular and macrovascular complications. Despite its importance, a bibliometric analysis of prediabetes is missing. The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive and visually appealing overview of prediabetes research.Methods: First, the Web of Science (WOS) database was searched to collect all articles related to prediabetes that were published from 1985 to 2022. Second, R language was used to analyze the year of publication, author, country/region, institution, keywords, and citations. Finally, network analysis was conducted using the R package bibliometrix to evaluate the hotspots and development trends of prediabetes.
    Results: A total of 9,714 research articles published from 1985 to 2022 were retrieved from WOS. The number of articles showed sustained growth. Rathmann W was the most prolific author with 71 articles. Diabetes Care was the journal that published the highest number of articles on prediabetes (234 articles), and Harvard University (290 articles) was the most active institution in this field. The United States contributed the most articles (2,962 articles), followed by China (893 articles). The top five clusters of the keyword co-appearance network were "prediabetes", "diabetes mellitus", "glucose", "insulin exercise", and "oxidative stress". The top three clusters of the reference co-citation network were "Knowler. WC 2002", "Tabak AG 2012", and "Matthews DR1985".
    Conclusions: The combined use of WOS and the R package bibliometrix enabled a robust bibliometric analysis of prediabetes papers, including evaluation of emerging trends, hotspots, and collaboration. This study also allowed us to validate our methodology, which can be used to better understand the field of prediabetes and promote international collaboration.
    Keywords:  R language; bibliometrics; bibliometrix; diabetes; prediabetes
  14. Front Nutr. 2023 ;10 1085623
      Introduction: Numerous studies have confirmed the effects of low carbohydrate diet (LChD) on metabolism and chronic diseases. However, there were no bibliometric studies on LChD. This study was conducted through a bibliometric analysis to investigate the current status, hotspots and frontiers trends.Methods: We searched all research publications related to LChD from 2002 to 2021 on the Web of Scientific Core Collection (WoSCC). CiteSpace and VOSviewer software was used to analyze countries/regions, institutions, journals, authors, references, and keywords.
    Results: A total of 6938 papers were included, with an increasing trend of annual publication. LChD categories mainly included nutrition, endocrinology, and neurosciences which reflected the interdisciplinary characteristics. USA was with the largest number and the world science center in LChD field. Universities were main research institutions and five of the top 10 institutions were from USA. Eric Heath Kossoff had 101 publications and ranked first. Nutrients was the leading journal. "A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity" and "Obesity" were considered to be the most co-cited and cited reference respectively. The hotspots of LChD are four aspects, "ketogenic diet", "metabolism disease", "cardiovascular disease" and "cancer". We summarized that "oxidative stress", "gut microbiota", and "inflammation factors" are becoming frontiers trends of LChD research in the future and deserve further study.
    Discussion: Over the past 20 years research on LChD has gained great attention. To better explore LChD field, multilevel mechanism studies will be required in the future.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; VOSviewer; bibliometric analysis; frontiers trends; hotspots; low carbohydrate diet
  15. World Neurosurg. 2023 Mar 09. pii: S1878-8750(23)00315-7. [Epub ahead of print]
      BACKGROUND: Intracranial aneurysms (IAs) are common cerebrovascular diseases with high rates of mortality and disability. With the development of endovascular treatment technologies, the treatment of intracranial aneurysms has gradually turned to endovascular treatment. However, due to the complex disease characteristics and technical challenges of intracranial aneurysm treatment, surgical clipping still plays an important role. However, there is no summary of the research status and future trends in IA clipping.METHOD: Publications related to IA clipping from 2001 to 2021 were retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database. We conducted a bibliometric analysis and visualized study with the help of VOSviewer software and R program.
    RESULTS: We included 4104 articles from 90 countries. The volume of publications on IA clipping has generally increased. The United States, Japan and China were the countries that contributed the most. The University of California, San Francisco, Mayo Clinic, and the Barrow Neurological Institute are the main research institutions. World Neurosurgery and the Journal of Neurosurgery were the most popular journal and the most co-cited journal, respectively. These publications come from 12,506 authors among which Lawton MT, Spetzler RF, and Hernesniemi J published the most papers. Studies from the past 21 years on IA clipping can generally be divided into five parts: (1) the characteristics and technical difficulties of IA clipping; (2) perioperative management and imaging evaluation of IA clipping; (3) risk factors for subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by rupture of IA clippings; (4) outcomes, prognosis, and related clinical trials of IA clipping; and (5) endovascular management for IA clipping. "Occlusion," "experience," "internal carotid-artery," "intracranial anurysms," "management," and "subarachnoid hemorrhage" are the major keywords for future research hotspots.
    CONCLUSION: This bibliometric study clarified the global research status of IA clipping between 2001 and 2021. The United States contributed the most publications and citations, and World Neurosurgery and Journal of Neurosurgery can be considered landmark journals in this field. Studies regarding occlusion, experience, management, and subarachnoid hemorrhage will be the next research hotspots related to IA clipping in the future.
    Keywords:  VOSviewer; bibliometrics; intracranial aneurysms; surgical clipping; visualized study
  16. Front Surg. 2023 ;10 1089203
      Background: Chronic wounds are a complex medical problem. With the difficulty of skin healing, the microbial ecology of chronic wounds is an essential factor affecting wound healing. High-throughput sequencing (HTS) technology is a vital method to reveal the microbiome diversity and population structure of chronic wounds.Objective: The aim of this paper was to delineate the scientific output characteristics, research trends, hotspots and frontiers of HTS technologies related to chronic wounds globally over the past 20 years.
    Methods: We searched the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database for articles published between 2002 and 2022 and their full record information. The Bibliometrix software package was used to analyze bibliometric indicators and VOSviewer visualization analysis results.
    Results: Ultimately, a total of 449 original articles were reviewed, and the results showed that the number of annual publications (Nps) about HTS associated with chronic wounds has steadily increased over the last 20 years. The United States and China produce the most articles and have the highest H-index, while the United States and England have the largest number of citations (Nc) in this field. The University of California, Wound Repair and Regeneration and National Institutes of Health Nih United States were the most published institutions, journals and fund resources, respectively. The global research could be divided into 3 clusters as follows: microbial infection of chronic wounds, the healing process of wounds and microscopic processes, skin repair mechanism stimulated by antimicrobial peptides and oxidative stress. In recent years, "wound healing", "infections", "expression", "inflammation", "chronic wounds", "identification" and "bacteria" "angiogenesis", "biofilms" and "diabetes" were the most frequently used keywords. In addition, research on "prevalence", "gene expression", "inflammation" and "infection" has recently become a hotspot.
    Conclusions: This paper compares the research hotspots and directions in this field globally from the perspectives of countries, institutions and authors, analyzes the trend of international cooperation, and reveals the future development direction of the field and research hotspots of great scientific research value. Through this paper, we can further explore the value of HTS technology in chronic wounds to better solve the problem of chronic wounds.
    Keywords:  bibliometric analysis; chronic wound; high-throughput sequencing; microbial ecology; visualized study; wound healing
  17. Front Microbiol. 2023 ;14 1085387
      Rhizosphere microorganisms are important organisms for plant growth promotion and bio-control. To understand the research hot topics and frontier trends of rhizosphere microorganisms comprehensively and systematically, we collected 6,056 publications on rhizosphere microorganisms from Web of Science and performed a bibliometric analysis by CiteSpace 6.1.3 and R 5.3.1. The results showed that the total number of references issued in this field has been on the rise in the past decades. China, India, and Pakistan are the top three countries in terms of the number of articles issued, while Germany, the United States, and Spain were the countries with the highest number of co-published papers with other countries. The core research content in this field were the bio-control, bacterial community, ACC deaminase, phytoremediation, induced systematic resistance, and plant growth promotion. Seeding growth, Bacillus velezensis, plant-growth, and biological-control were currently and may be the highlights in the field of rhizosphere microorganisms research for a long time in the future. The above study results quantitatively, objectively, and scientifically described the research status and research focus of rhizosphere microorganisms from 2012 to 2021 from the perspective of referred papers, with a view to promoting in-depth research in this field and providing reference information for scholars in related fields to refine research trends and scientific issues.
    Keywords:  bibliometric analysis; research hotspot; rhizosphere microorganisms; thematic evolution; visualized analysis
  18. Front Oncol. 2023 ;13 1104531
      Purpose: We used bibliometric methods to evaluate the global scientific output of palliative care breast cancer research and to explore the current status and further research directions in the field over the past decade.Methods: All relevant publications from the year 2012 to 2022 were retrieved from Web of Science. We applied VOSviewer and Bibliometrix R v4.2.1 to obtain information on subject domains, annual publication output and citations, countries and authors with the highest productivity, influential journals and articles, and popular keywords.
    Results: In total, 1529 publications were included in the final analysis. Health services and supportive care, pain and symptom management were the focus of the research in the field. From the year 2017 to 2021, the annual publication output was abundant and peaked in 2018. The systematic review by Fitzmaurice et al. in 2017 was the most-cited publication. The United States was the leading country with the maximum number of publications, citations, and link strengths with other countries. The most contributing institution was University of Toronto. E. Bruera was the most prolific author, ranking first among the authors in both the H and M index. The journal with the most publications was Palliative & Supportive Care. Keywords analysis indicated that exploring the significant degree of palliative care to reduce anxiety and depression in breast cancer patients may be a good research direction. In addition, how to assess the optimal timing of palliative care interventions and further exploring the specific contradiction between insufficient medical resources and palliative care are also possible research directions.
    Conclusion: Palliative care plays an important role in the treatment of breast cancer. With the help of a scientometric analysis in this field, researchers can clarify the current research status and hotspots worth fully exploring.
    Keywords:  VOSviewer; bibliometrix; breast cancer; palliative care; scientometrics
  19. Front Surg. 2023 ;10 1155709
      [This corrects the article DOI: 10.3389/fsurg.2022.1048454.].
    Keywords:  atrial fibrillation; bibliometric analysis; catheter ablation; citation analysis; science mapping analysis; surgical treatment
  20. Front Oncol. 2023 ;13 1136834
      Aims: To use visual mapping and bibliometrics to analyze and summarize the valuable information on laparoscopic surgery for gastric cancer (GC) obtained in the last 20 years, so as to determine the research hotspots and trends in this field.Methods: We screened all literature on laparoscopic surgery for GC in the Web of Science published from 2000 to 2022 and analyzed the research hotspots and trends in this field using VOSviewer.
    Results: A total of 2796 reports from 61 countries and regions were selected. Japanese researchers published the most papers (n=946), followed by those from China (n=747) and South Korea (n=557). Papers from Japan also had the most citations (n=21,836). Surgical Endoscopy and Other Interventional Techniques published the most reports on laparoscopic surgery for GC (n=386) and also had the highest total number of citations (n=11,076), making this journal the most authoritative in this field. Among the institutions, researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea had the highest numbers of published papers and citations. The keywords of the articles could be divided into five categories: surgical methods for GC, short-term and long-term efficacy of laparoscopic surgery, guiding role of laparoscopy in the treatment of advanced GC, diagnosis and treatment of early gastric cancer (EGC), and lymph node dissection. Keywords such as "laparoscopic proximal gastrectomy", "surgical outcomes", and "esophagogastric junction" have emerged recently, and relevant studies on laparoscopic surgery for adenocarcinoma of esophagogastric junction(AEG)have gradually become a hot topic and trend.
    Conclusion: This study adopted bibliometric analysis to identify the current research hotspots and research trends in the field of laparoscopic surgery for GC. Five main research hotspots of laparoscopic surgery for GC were also identified. Laparoscopic surgery for AEG may become an important research focus in the future.
    Keywords:  bibliometric; gastric cancer; hotspot; laparoscopy; trend
  21. Front Psychiatry. 2023 ;14 1145409
      Background: A growing number of studies has implicated oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia. The aim of this study was to explore the field of schizophrenia and oxidative stress-related research from a bibliometric perspective.Methods: All relevant publications on schizophrenia and oxidative stress were obtained from Web of Science Core Collection (WOSCC) database from its inception date to November 8, 2022. VOSviewer software was used to examine co-authorships and co-occurring keywords. R software was used to present the main characteristics of publications and cooperation frequency among countries. CiteSpace was used to investigate keywords with the strongest citation bursts.
    Results: A total of 3,510 publications on schizophrenia and oxidative stress were included. The United States had the largest number of publications (26.1%), and international collaborations. University of Melbourne was the most productive institution, while Schizophrenia Research was the most productive journal in this field. Apart from "schizophrenia" and "oxidative stress", the terms "prefrontal cortex", "brain" and "nitric oxide" were among the most frequently used keywords.
    Conclusions: In conclusion, research on the association between oxidative stress and schizophrenia has received growing attention in the academic literature that is expected to continue its upward trajectory during the next two decades. Existing research suggests there has been a transition from research focused on pathways to animal models, and subsequently to clinical applications. Intervention studies on oxidative stress and schizophrenia are likely to be an important focus of related work in the near future.
    Keywords:  antioxidants; bibliometric analysis; nitric oxide; oxidative stress; schizophrenia
  22. Front Med (Lausanne). 2023 ;10 1052928
      Background: Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a popular area of research in the field of respiratory medicine. We performed a bibliometric analysis based on PubMed database to characterize the distribution pattern of literature and knowledge structures related to PE.Methods: Literature pertaining to PE from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2021, was retrieved from the PubMed database. Bibliographic information was generated using the Bibliographic Item Co-Occurrence Matrix Builder (BICOMB). The visualization matrix was established using gCLUTO software. Strategic diagram analysis was performed using GraphPad Prism 9 software. Social network analysis (SNA) was generated using Ucinet6.0 and NetDraw 2.084 software.
    Results: Out of all the retrieved MeSH terms and subheadings, 52 MeSH terms/MeSH subheadings with a high frequency were found, and hot subjects were sorted into 6 clusters. The strategy diagram showed that the epidemiology, etiology, and drug therapy of PE were well advanced. In contrast, studies on diagnostic imaging, pathology, and complications of PE were still immature and offered potential research space. Social network analysis showed that marginal topics such as surgical treatment of pulmonary hypertension, prevention and control of postoperative complications, and metabolism and analysis of fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products were emerging research hotspots.
    Conclusion: Objective analysis of the research developments in the field of PE can provide intuitive knowledge structure for researchers and clinicians. Analysis of the research hotspots related to PE is helpful for researchers and clinicians by highlighting future research directions.
    Keywords:  bibliometric analysis; hot research topics; knowledge structures; pulmonary embolism; theme trends
  23. J Forensic Sci. 2023 Mar 16.
      The most highly cited forensic practitioners in the United States were identified using a publicly available citation database that used six different citation metrics to calculate each person's composite citation score. The publication and citation data were gleaned from Elsevier's SCOPUS database, which contained information about ~7 million scientist each of whom had at least five entries in the database. Each individual was categorized into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields, one of which was legal and forensic medicine (LFM). The database contained citation records for 13,388 individuals having LFM as their primary research discipline and 282 of these (2%) were classified as being highly cited. Another 99 individuals in the database had LFM as their secondary discipline, making a total of 381 highly cited forensic practitioners from 35 different countries. The career-long publication records of each individual were compared using their composite citation scores. Of the 381 highly cited scientists, 93 (24%) had an address somewhere in the United States. The various branches of forensics they specialized in were anthropology, criminalistics, DNA/genetics, odontology, pathology, statistics/epidemiology, and toxicology. The two most highly cited scientists, according to their composite citation score, were both specialists in DNA/genetics. Bibliometric methods are widely used for evaluating research performance in academia and a similar approach might be useful in jurisprudence, such as when an expert witness is instructed to testify in court and explain the meaning of scientific evidence.
    Keywords:  authorship; bibliometrics; citation analysis; expert testimony; forensics; jurisprudence; litigation; scientific journals
  24. Environ Monit Assess. 2023 Mar 16. 195(4): 474
      Wastewater has negative impacts on the environment, such as destroying aquatic ecosystems and creating a shortage of clean water sources for consumption. In this paper, we provide a comprehensive bibliometric analysis of chitosan to better understand the evolution in degrading various pollutants as a wastewater treatment research limited only by photocatalyst system published in 2001-2021. The number of publications analyzed a total of 456 documents, which was conducted from the Scopus database. All data in this paper was visualized by using open-source software, VOSviewer and Tableau, to perform bibliometric analysis and scientific mapping. The reason for choosing chitosan is its ability to degrade various pollutants with high adsorption performance (from various sources: degradation Congo red 98.4%, methylene blue 99.36%, rhodamine B 95%, and Cd(II) 94%), non-toxicity, biodegradability, and abundantly available sources in nature. The analysis results show that the highest number of publications in 2016 was 66, and the highest number of citations was 2258. The network of keywords and innovations for wastewater treatment is USA and China as the most productive countries with many cooperative relations. This paper helps scholars understand the evolution of composite chitosan-based photocatalyst systems as research on wastewater treatment from a bibliometric point of view and inspires them to develop new efficient methods in synthesizing chitosan from fish by-products (waste) with high adsorption efficiency for various type of waste.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Chitosan; Efficiency; Wastewater treatment
  25. Ren Fail. 2023 Dec;45(1): 2188967
      Contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) has become the third leading cause of hospital-acquired kidney injury. A comprehensive analysis of the current state of research in the field of CI-AKI will help to reveal trends and hot topics in the field. To date, there are no published bibliometric analyses related to CI-AKI studies. Here, we analyze the relevant literature since the emergence of the concept and provide valuable insights. The literature was collected from the Web of Science Core Collection. The data were analyzed visually using CiteSpace and VOSviewer software. We collected a total of 4775 papers, with the United States and Guangdong Acad Med Sci as the major publishing powers in terms of country/region and institution. J AM COLL CARDIOL was the journal with the most published and cocited articles. Cluster analysis showed that clinical trials are the current research hotspot. The areas of risk assessment, prevention strategies, risk factors, and vascular lesions have been popular in recent years. Research on the mechanism of injury in CI-AKI will be the focus of future research, which will be crucial to reduce the clinical incidence of CI-AKI. In summary, this study provides a comprehensive analysis of the development process in the field of CI-AKI and discusses future research directions based on the analysis of objective data from many studies on CI-AKI.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; Contrast-induced acute kidney injury; VOSviewer; bibliometric analysis; research frontier
  26. Am J Transl Res. 2023 ;15(2): 755-778
      BACKGROUND: Vestibular schwannoma is the most common benign tumor in the pontocerebellar horn region. As the tumor grows, it often causes severe hearing loss due to compression of nearby nerves, resulting in a lower quality of life. This study examined vestibular schwannoma-related research through a bibliometric and visualization analysis, and it explored current trends and research hot spots.METHODS: Research related to vestibular schwannoma published from 2002 to 2021 was searched using the Web of Science Core Collection. The processing and visualization analysis of the data were conducted using R software, VOSviewer, and CiteSpace.
    RESULTS: A total of 3,909 publications were included in this study, and an overall increasing trend in the annual output of publications was found. The United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom were the most prolific countries, publishing the most articles. Germany had the most frequent international cooperation and the highest centrality score. The Mayo Clinic, University of California, and Harvard University were the three most productive institutions. Otology & Neurotology was the most prolific journal, and MJ Link was the most productive and highest scoring author for centrality. Current frontier topics mainly focused on "hearing preservation" and "radiosurgery". A map of trends in topics and a thematic graph revealed that "hearing loss", "vertigo", "magnetic resonance imaging", "radiosurgery", "stereotactic radiosurgery", and "gamma knife" were the topics of focus of current discussions.
    CONCLUSION: Hearing preservation is a current frontier topic in this area. Radiosurgery has a promising future in the field of vestibular schwannoma, and stereotactic radiosurgery is a focus of global attention. Bibliometric and visualization analysis offer a unique and objective perspective of the field of vestibular schwannoma and may assist scholars in the identification of new research directions.
    Keywords:  Bibliometrics; CiteSpace; VOSviewer; acoustic neuroma; vestibular schwannomas; visualization analysis
  27. Front Psychol. 2023 ;14 1027349
      Multi-teaming is a concept studied across a variety of disciplines. While using a bibliometric approach on 255 research papers extracted from Web of Science, we aimed to depict the architecture of the multi-teaming concept across academic disciplines and time. Results of citation, co-citation and bibliographic coupling analyses identified four major fields looking at the concept of multi-teaming. The fields emerged over time from fragmentation to integration and acknowledging similarities. We identify gaps and propose (multi)-disciplinary research ideas that can benefit the field of multi-teaming.
    Keywords:  bibliometric study; multi-teaming; multiple groups; multiple projects; multiple teams
  28. Vascular. 2023 Mar 16. 17085381231162157
      OBJECTIVE: To examine the research status, hot spots, and development trend of virtual vascular intervention simulation training in order to organize the knowledge and support its practice.METHODS: Publications on virtual vascular intervention and respective teaching evaluation (2001-2021) were retrieved from Web of Science. Citespace 5.2.R2 and Carrot2 software was used to perform the bibliometric and visual analysis on virtual vascular intervention research networks.
    RESULTS: Of the 1543 articles retrieved, 1520 were relevant to virtual vascular intervention research. Studies on vascular intervention emerged from 2002 with an upward trend being observed from 2010. The trend peaked between 2019 and 2020 with ∼140 published articles (9.21%) during the period. Spain published most studies (n = 146) followed by USA (n = 99) and England (n = 49). COMPUT EDUC (n = 177; 14.47%) journal publishing the highest number of articles. Among 705 authors, GARRISON D R, MAYER RE, DEDE C, COOK DA had highest publications. The frequent keywords used were "Virtual reality" (n = 105) and "education" (n = 105). Low cooperation between countries, authors' networks, and relatively stable academic team was noted making clinical application of virtual vascular intervention weak.
    CONCLUSION: Considerable growth was observed in vascular intervention therapy using VR technology in the last 20 years. With consistent efforts like strengthening cross-institutional and multidisciplinary collaboration networks, VR based simulation training capability can be increased that in turn can improve the outcomes of complex vascular interventions.
    Keywords:  Virtual vascular intervention; knowledge map analysis; simulation training for vascular surgery; virtual reality in medicine
  29. Interact J Med Res. 2022 Nov 29.
      BACKGROUND: Infectious diseases represent a major challenge for health systems worldwide. With the recent global pandemic of COVID-19, the need to research strategies to treat these health problems has become even more pressing. Although the literature on big data and data science in health has grown rapidly, few studies have synthesized these individual studies, and none has identified the utility of big data in infectious disease surveillance and modeling.OBJECTIVE: This paper aims to synthesize research and identify hotspots of big data in infectious disease epidemiology.
    METHODS: Bibliometric data from 3054 documents that satisfied the inclusion criteria were retrieved from the Web of Science database over 22 years (2000-2022) were analyzed and reviewed. The search retrieval occurred on October 17, 2022. Bibliometric analysis was performed to illustrate the relationships between research constituents, topics, and key terms in the retrieved documents.
    RESULTS: The bibliometric analysis revealed internet searches and social media as the most utilized big data sources for infectious disease surveillance or modeling. It also placed the US and Chinese institutions as leaders in this research area. Disease monitoring and surveillance, utility of electronic health (or medical) records, methodology framework for infodemiology tools, and machine/deep learning were identified as the core research themes.
    CONCLUSIONS: Proposals for future studies are made based on these findings. This study will provide healthcare informatics scholars with a comprehensive understanding of big data research in infectious disease epidemiology.
  30. Ann Plast Surg. 2023 Mar 06.
      PURPOSE: Journals are increasingly using social media to increase article engagement. We aim to determine the impact of Instagram promotion on, and identify social media tools that effectively enhance, plastic surgery article engagement and impact.METHODS: Instagram accounts for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery were reviewed for posts published by February 8, 2022. Open access journal articles were excluded. Post caption word count and number of likes, tagged accounts, and hashtags were recorded. Inclusion of videos, article links, or author introductions was noted. All articles from journal issues published between the dates of the first and last posts promoting articles were reviewed. Altmetric data approximated article engagement. Citation numbers from the National Institutes of Health iCite tool approximated impact. Differences in engagement and impact of articles with and without Instagram promotion were compared by Mann-Whitney U tests. Univariate and multivariable regressions identified factors predictive of more engagement (Altmetric Attention Score, ≥5) and citations (≥7).
    RESULTS: A total of 5037 articles were included, with 675 (13.4%) promoted on Instagram. Of posts featuring articles, 274 (40.6%) included videos, 469 (69.5%) included article links, and 123 included (18.2%) author introductions. Promoted articles had higher median Altmetric Attention Scores and citations (P < 0.001). On multivariable analysis, using more hashtags predicted higher article Altmetric Attention Scores (odds ratio [OR], 1.85; P = 0.002) and more citations (OR, 1.90; P < 0.001). Including article links (OR, 3.52; P < 0.001) and tagging more accounts (OR, 1.64; P = 0.022) predicted higher Altmetric Attention Scores. Including author introductions negatively predicted Altmetric Attention Scores (OR, 0.46; P < 0.001) and citations (OR, 0.65; P = 0.047). Caption word count had no significant impact on article engagement or impact.
    CONCLUSIONS: Instagram promotion increases plastic surgery article engagement and impact. Journals should use more hashtags, tag more accounts, and include manuscript links to increase article metrics. We recommend that authors promote on journal social media to maximize article reach, engagement, and citations, which positively impacts research productivity with minimal additional effort in designing Instagram content.
  31. Can Rev Sociol. 2023 Mar 17.
      The weight of evidence suggests that articles written by men and women receive citations at comparable rates. This suggests that research quality or gender-based bias in research evaluation and citing behaviors may not be the reason why academic women accumulate fewer citations than men at the career level. In this article, I outline a career perspective that highlights women's disadvantages in career progression as the root causes for the gender citation gap. I also consider how the gender citation gap may perpetuate the unequal pay between genders in science. My analysis of two different datasets, one including paper and citation information for over 130,000 highly cited scholars during the 1996-2020 period and another including citation and salary information for nearly 2,000 Canadian scholars over the 2014-2019 period, shows several important findings. First, papers written by women on average receive more citations than those written by men. Second, the gender citation gap grows larger with time as men and women progress in their careers, but the opposite pattern holds when research productivity and collaborative networks are considered. Third, higher citations lead to higher pay, and gender differences in citations explain a significant share of the gender wage gap. Findings demonstrate the critical need for more attention toward gender differences in career progression when investigating the causes and solutions for gender disparities in science.
  32. Heliyon. 2023 Mar;9(3): e13726
      The objective of this study is to conduct a bibliometric review of literature on electronic invoicing to provide an understanding of the growing field and valuable sources for future research. A total of 191 papers within the period of 1997 to July 2021 were included in our analysis. The systemic analysis revealed several insights in research progression over two decades, relevant authors and leading institutions including countries, most frequent keywords, and the principal methodologies and theories adopted. Although the field of electronic invoicing is still emerging, it is interesting to see trending keywords such as 'data mining', 'automation', 'blockchain', 'digital storage', and 'machine learning' as demonstrated in recent publications. The study also attempted to develop a framework and proposed an integrated theory of electronic invoicing since the general theoretical framework does not exist in the literature. Several research gaps were exposed related to more studies in the emerging field of electronic invoicing and how future studies could further shape the field by addressing yet unanswered questions. We anticipate that the findings in this study will be a valuable contribution and resource for e-invoicing research.
    Keywords:  Automation; Bibliometric; Carbon footprint; Electronic invoicing; Electronic signature; Taxation
  33. Asian J Surg. 2023 Mar 14. pii: S1015-9584(23)00294-4. [Epub ahead of print]
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Cognitive decline; Neurosurgery
  34. Channels (Austin). 2023 Dec;17(1): 2189038
      TRPV1 channel is a sensitive ion channel activated by some noxious stimuli and has been reported to change many physiological functions after its activation. In this paper, we present a scientometric approach to explore the trends of the association between TRPV1 channel and inflammation and our goal is to provide creative directions for future research. The related literature was retrieved from Web of Science Core Collection and then analyzed by CiteSpace and VOSviewer. A total of 1533 documents were screened. The most productive country, institution, journal, author, cited journal, cited author, and references were the United States, University of California, San Francisco, Pain, Lu-yuan Lee, Nature, Michael J. Caterina, and Caterina MJ (Science, 2000), respectively. The most influential country and institution were Switzerland and University of California, San Francisco, respectively. The cooperation among countries or institutions was extensive. Amounts of documents were distributed in molecular, biology, genetics. TRPV1-associated neurons, neuropeptides, neuropathic pain, neuroinflammation, and neurogenic inflammation were mainly hotspots in this field. The research has presented valuable data about previous studies in the link of TRPV1 channel and inflammation.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; TRPV1 channel; Vosviewer; bibliometrics; inflammation
  35. Am J Transl Res. 2023 ;15(2): 914-931
      Interleukin-33 (IL-33) is a member of the IL-1 family of cytokines. IL-33 is associated with the expression of tissue damage or necrosis after increasing and being released into the cell, it influences the suppression of tumorigenicity 2 (ST2) receptor expression of a variety of immune cells (including mast cells and type 2 congenital lymphocytes). Furthermore, during type 2 innate immune reactions and allergic inflammation IL-33 plays a central role in immune amplification and "alarming"; thus, regulating immune responeses. IL-33 is closely related to inflammation-related diseases such as allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and tumors. It is essential in maintaining tissue homeostasis, eliminating inflammation, and repairing tissue damage. We searched the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database for relevant publications on IL-33 from 2005 to 2021 and screened them according to specific inclusion criteria. A total of 2626 articles were included in our analysis. Using Microsoft Excel 2019 (Redmond, WA), VOSviewer 1.6.11 (The Centre for Science and Technology Studies, CWTS), and Citespace5.8. R2 (Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA) were used for data processing and visualization. Countries/regions, journals, authors, co-cited references, and keywords were analyzed. We discovered that IL-33 plays an important role as a cytokine in numerous diseases, especially allergic diseases. Studying its mechanism of action is of great importance for developing novel drugs and therapeutics.
    Keywords:  Citespace; IL-33; bibliometric analysis; cytokines; visualization; vosviewer
  36. Front Psychol. 2023 ;14 1154578
      [This corrects the article DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.1081595.].
    Keywords:  bibliometric analysis; cultural change; digital transformation; digitalization; higher education institutions; research trends; resistance to change
  37. Heliyon. 2023 Mar;9(3): e14233
      Background: The Covid-19 pandemic impacted scientific publishing, though it's effect on publication times in urology literature is unknown. The objective of our study were to determine and compare acceptance and publication times in general and specific urology journals, and to quantify these times before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.Methods: We identified all original articles published in seven urology journals in 2019 and 2021, and extracted data on submission, acceptance, online, and in-print publication times. Differences between groups were compared using Mann-Whitney U tests.
    Results: A total of 2880 articles were included, comprising 1601 articles published in 2021 and 1279 in 2019. Less experimental/animal studies were published in 2021 compared to 2019 (197 vs. 289). Time between submission and online publication was longer in 2021 (median 4.4 vs 3.3 months, p < 0.001), though acceptance times were not different (median 3.3 vs 3.3 months, p = 0.25). Prostate (median: 2.8 months, Neurourology and Urodynamics (median: 2.8 months) and Word Journal of Urology (median 2.9 months) had the shortest acceptance time in 2021. Time between submission and in-print publication ranged from 4.6 months (IQR: 3.6-6.8) for Prostate to 11.9 months (IQR: 9.8-13.2) for World Journal of Urology. Acceptance times were significantly longer in 2021 compared to 2019 for Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, Journal of Sexual Medicine, and Prostate. Moreover, time between submission and in print publication was longer in 2021 compared to 2019 for Journal of Sexual Medicine and Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations, and shorter for Neurourology and Urodynamics. The median time to in print publication was lower for publications from US institutions (median 7.0 vs. 7.7 months in 2019 and 8.7 months vs 9.1 months in 2021).
    Conclusions: We identified journal specific acceptance and publication times and observed substantial differences between urology journals for the years 2019 and 2021.
    Keywords:  Acceptance time; Bibliometric; Covid-19; Publication times; Submission; Urology
  38. Front Pediatr. 2023 ;11 1121677
      Background: Testicular torsion is an acute scrotal disorder requiring immediate emergency treatment. Ischemic injury and reperfusion injury are important causes of oxidative stress and irreversible oxidative damage after testicular torsion. Although a large number of literatures have discussed the causes and treatment of testicular torsion, there is currently a lack of systematic exploration of the historical evolution of testicular torsion and the construction of a knowledge framework.Method: The Web of Science Core Collection was searched for studies on testicular torsion published between 2000 and 2022. The basic data of the literature were analyzed by using Excel and CiteSpace software.
    Result: A total of 1,007 publications on testicular torsion published were found in 64 countries between 2000 and 2022, with an increasing annual publication level. Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of testicular torsion had always been at the core of clinical practice, and the pathological cascade reaction of ischemic injury and ischemia-reperfusion injury after testicular torsion were also at the core of basic research. Emphasis had been placed on the development of protective drugs for ischemia and reperfusion after testicular torsion in various countries, regions and institutions.
    Conclusion: Over the past 20 years, the research on testicular torsion had been widely concerned. Hot topics in testicular torsion in recent years were ischemia-reperfusion injury, oxidative stress, rat, doppler ultrasonography, diagnosis and orchiectomy. This article may provide a useful resource for clinicians and basic researchers regarding testicular torsion.
    Keywords:  acute scrotum; citespace; ischemia reperfusion; orchiectomy; testicular torsion
  39. EFORT Open Rev. 2023 Mar 14. 8(3): 135-147
      Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are important potential candidates for regenerative therapy for intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD). This scientometric study aimed to summarize the main research trends, identify current research hotspots, and measure the networks of the contributors and their scientific productivity. A total of 1102 publications regarding MSC in IDD were recognized from January 2000 to April 2022. The number of records every year followed an overall uptrend with fluctuations. The main trend of research demonstrated the practice of gradually applying MSC-based therapy to IDD with the assistance of advances in biomaterials and IDD pathology. A recent focus on MSC-derived exosomes and notochordal cells was detected. The basic studies in this field were mainly contributed to by Japan, the USA, and European countries, while China dominated in the number of recent publications. Tokai University with Daisuke Sakai was the most productive contributor. Cell biology, tissue engineering, and biomaterials were the categories with deep engagement in research of this field.
    Keywords:  intervertebral disc degeneration; mesenchymal stromal cell; scientometric analysis
  40. Explor Res Clin Soc Pharm. 2023 Mar;9 100243
      Background: The COVID-19 pandemic had an enormous impact on the global economy and healthcare. Pharmacists were vital members of the healthcare system, and they participated in various strategies to reduce the effect of the pandemic. Numerous papers were published discussing their roles during the pandemic. Bibliometric analysis was used to measure the impact of publications on this topic and assessed them qualitatively and quantitatively over a specific time.Objective: Evaluate published literature pertaining to the roles of pharmacists and pharmacy services during the pandemic and identify gaps.
    Methods: An electronic search was conducted on PubMed database using a specific query. Eligible publications were published in English between January 2020 and January 2022 and discussed the role of pharmacists, pharmacies, and pharmacy departments during the pandemic. Clinical trials, studies on pharmacy education/training, and conference abstracts were excluded.
    Results: Of 954 records retrieved, 338 (35.4%) from 67 countries were included. Most papers (n = 113; 33.4%) were from the community pharmacy sector, followed by the clinical pharmacy sector (n = 89; 26.3%). Sixty-one (18%) papers were multinational, mostly involving two countries. The average number of citations of the included papers was 6 times (range 0-89). The most common MeSH terms were 'humans', 'hospitals', and 'telemedicine', where the former frequently co-appeared with the terms 'COVID-19' and 'pharmacists.'
    Conclusions: Results from this study illustrate the innovative and proactive strategies developed by pharmacists during the pandemic. Pharmacists from around the world are encouraged to share their experiences for stronger healthcare systems to counter future pandemics and environmental disasters.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; COVID-19; COVID-19, Coronavirus disease of 2019; DOI, Digital object identifier; MeSH, Medical subject heading; Pharmacists; Pharmacy; SciMAT, Science Mapping Analysis Software Tool; WHO, World Health Organization
  41. Front Immunol. 2023 ;14 1158560
      [This corrects the article DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1095421.].
    Keywords:  autoimmune disease; bibliometric analysis; neutrophil extracellular traps; rheumatoid arthritis; systemic lupus erythematosus
  42. Heliyon. 2023 Mar;9(3): e14067
      The local climate zone (LCZ) has been an important land surface classification used to differentiate urban climate between localities. The general knowledge maps of LCZ studies are needed when LCZ-related research has attracted great attention. This study integrated bibliometrics and critical review to understand the status quo and suggest future research directions. Bibliometrics provided a statistical technique to explore large volumes of article data from the Web of Science, ScienceDirect, and Scopus databases, based on the Co-Occurrence 13.4 (COOC) software. The bibliometric results indicated a rapid increase in LCZ publications and identified the high-frequency keywords which can be clustered into two groups, including a human thermal comfort-related group and the other urban climatology-related one. From 2011 to 2020, the effects of land use and urban morphology on urban climate and heat island effects predominated the LCZ-related research. Since 2021, the research focuses had shifted to the fields of thermal environment and heatwave, due to the growing demand for human thermal comfort and heat risk reduction. Moreover, this study identified 'Land Surface Temperature' and 'Heatwave' as two focuses of LCZ-related research during the last decade. Their critical reviews demonstrated the need for additional in-depth LCZ-heatwave studies that consider the risk of human exposure. This study also recommended incorporating hydrological concerns and social issues into the LCZ plan for a more integrated LCZ research outlook. Overall, this study provides not only a comprehensive understanding of LCZ knowledge networks, but also critical details on research focuses and potential research prospects.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Critical review; Heatwave; Land surface temperature; Local climate zone
  43. Heliyon. 2023 Mar;9(3): e12306
      Tourism safety is essential for tourists and tourism practitioners. This study conducted a bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer and CiteSpace for 2018 articles indexed on the Web of Science (WoS). It also analysed 7293 Weibo posts between 1977 and 2022 using Python, MYSQL, AI sentiment, and Tableau. The first tourism safety publication on WoS appeared in 1977, while the first Weibo microblog dated was dated back to 2011. Compared to the information posted on Weibo, the annual publications about tourism safety on WoS recorded a stable increment. On Web of Science (WoS), the academic staff and universities produced the largest number of tourism safety posts. On the flip side, the most productive organisations on Weibo are government agencies in popular tourism destinations. "Accident", "medical tourism", "environment", "mediating role", and "hospitality" were important burst nodes in tourism safety on WoS. "Quality", "accident", and health-related words were the foci on both Weibo and WoS. On Web of Science, the top 10 most popular keywords of tourism safety-related articles could be classified into two groups: health ("Covid-19", "restoration", "pandemics", "Sars-Cov-2", "Sars", "mental health") and IT terminologies ("big data", "artificial intelligence"). It has been concluded that "artificial intelligence (AI)" is more likely to be included in the keywords on tourism researched by academia. In contrast, the public may not know about or use AI in the tourism industry. Besides, the top 10 most popular keywords on Weibo related to tourism risks and hazards were drowning and traffic risks and hazards, such as drowning and traffic risks. The digital divide may explain such a difference: the academic circle benefits more from the digital age than laypersons. It may also be the result of institutional differences and information asymmetry.
    Keywords:  Artificial intelligence; Bibliometrics; Comparative analysis; Digital divide; Information asymmetry; Tourism safety; Web of science; Weibo
  44. Front Neurol. 2023 ;14 1139521
      The mechanism of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is elusive and many questions remain unanswered. Autopsy is generally unhelpful in providing evidence for the cause of death, as pathological changes may be on the molecular level. Although histopathological examination occasionally demonstrates pathology such as vascular malformation, old traumatic injury, and tumor, in most cases of SUDEP, the examination is negative. We examined the current status of SUDEP research by performing a bibliometric analysis of studies in the Web of Science Core Collection database published between 2002 and 2022. Our aim was to demonstrate areas of interest and frontiers of SUDEP research. A total of 1803 papers were included in the analysis. The number of published papers focused on SUDEP has been increasing since 2002. Main areas of interest include clinical manifestations, prevalence, treatment, and underlying mechanisms. Research teams from the United States and Europe are leading the way in SUDEP research, while Asia trails behind. Future studies regarding the mechanism and neuropathology of SUDEP are warranted.
    Keywords:  English literature; SUDEP; autopsy rate; bibliometric analysis; epilepsy; research interest
  45. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2023 Mar 14.
      BACKGROUND: The paucity of leadership diversity in surgical specialties is well documented. Unequal opportunities for participation at scientific meetings may impact future promotions within academic infrastructures. This study evaluated gender representation of surgeon speakers at hand surgery meetings.METHODS: Data were retrieved from the 2010 and 2020 meetings of the American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) and American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH). Programs were evaluated for invited and peer reviewed speakers excluding keynote speakers and poster presentations. Gender was determined from publicly available sources. Bibliometric data (h-index) for invited speakers was analyzed.
    RESULTS: In 2010 at the AAHS (n=142) and ASSH meetings (n=180), female surgeons represented 4% of the invited speakers and in 2020 increased to 15% at AAHS (n=193) and 19% at ASSH (n=439). From 2010 to 2020, female surgeon invited speakers had a 3.75-fold increase at AAHS and 4.75-fold increase at ASSH. Representation of female surgeon peer reviewed presenters at these meetings was similar (2010 AAHS 26%, ASSH 22%; 2020 AAHS 23%, ASSH 22%). The academic rank of women speakers was significantly lower (p<0.001) than males. At the assistant professor level, the mean h-index was significantly lower (p<0.05) for female invited speakers.
    CONCLUSION: Although there was a significant improvement in gender diversity in invited speakers at the 2020 meetings compared to 2010, female surgeons remain underrepresented. Gender diversity is lacking at national hand surgery meetings and continued effort and sponsorship of speaker diversity is imperative to curate an inclusive hand society experience.
  46. JMIR Form Res. 2023 Mar 16. 7 e44633
      BACKGROUND: Open access (OA) publishing represents an exciting opportunity to facilitate the dissemination of scientific information to global audiences. However, OA publishing is often associated with significant article processing charges (APCs) for authors, which may thus serve as a barrier to publication.OBJECTIVE: In this observational cohort study, we aimed to characterize the landscape of OA publishing in oncology and, further, identify characteristics of oncology journals that are predictive of APCs.
    METHODS: We identified oncology journals using the SCImago Journal & Country Rank database. All journals with an OA publication option and APC data openly available were included. We searched journal websites and tabulated journal characteristics, including APC amount (in US dollars), OA model (hybrid vs full), 2-year impact factor (IF), H-index, number of citable documents, modality/treatment specific (if applicable), and continent of origin. All APCs were converted to US-dollar equivalents for final analyses. Selecting variables with significant associations in the univariable analysis, we generated a multiple regression model to identify journal characteristics independently associated with OA APC amount. An audit of a random 10% sample of the data was independently performed by 2 authors to ensure data accuracy, precision, and reproducibility.
    RESULTS: Of 367 oncology journals screened, 251 met the final inclusion criteria. The median APC was US $2957 (IQR 1958-3450). The majority of journals (n=156, 62%) adopted the hybrid OA publication model and were based in Europe (n=119, 47%) or North America (n=87, 35%). The median (IQR) APC for all journals was US $2957 (1958-3540). Twenty-five (10%) journals had APCs greater than US $4000. There were 10 (4%) journals that offered OA publication with no publication charge. Univariable testing showed that journals with a greater number of citable documents (P<.001), higher 2-year IF (P<.001), higher H-index (P<.001), and those using the hybrid OA model (P<.001), or originating in Europe or North America (P<.001) tended to have higher APCs. In our multivariable model, the number of citable documents (β=US $367, SD US $133; P=.006), 2-year IF (US $1144, SD US $177; P<.001), hybrid OA publishing model (US $991, SD US $189; P<.001), and North American origin (US $838, SD US $186; P<.001) persisted as significant predictors of processing charges.
    CONCLUSIONS: OA publication costs are greater in oncology journals that publish more citable articles, use the hybrid OA model, have a higher IF, and are based in North America or Europe. These findings may inform targeted action to help the oncology community fully appreciate the benefits of open science.
    Keywords:  academic publishing; article processing charge; oncology; open access; open access publishing; scholarly communication
  47. J Environ Manage. 2023 Mar 11. pii: S0301-4797(23)00496-6. [Epub ahead of print]336 117708
      Globally, a whopping increase in solid waste (SW) generation and the risks posed by climate change are major concerns. A wide spread practice for disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) is landfill, which swells with population and urbanization. Waste, if treated properly, can be used to produce renewable energy. The recent global event COP 27 mainly stressed on production of renewable energy to achieve the Net Zero target. The MSW landfill is the most significant anthropogenic source of methane (CH4) emission. On one side, CH4 is a greenhouse gas (GHG), and on the other it is a main component of biogas. Wastewater that collects due to rainwater percolation in landfills creates landfill leachate. There is a need to understand global landfill management practices thoroughly for implementation of better practices and policies related to this threat. This study critically reviews recent publications on leachate and landfill gas. The review discusses leachate treatment and landfill gas emissions, focusing on the possible reduction technology of CH4 emission and its impact on the environment. Mixed leachate will benefit from the combinational therapy method because of its intricate combination. Implementation of circular material management, entrepreneurship ideas, blockchain, machine learning, LCA usage in waste management, and economic benefits from CH4 production have been emphasized. Bibliometric analysis of 908 articles from the last 37 years revealed that industrialized nations dominate this research domain, with the United States having the highest number of citations.
    Keywords:  Climate change; Emission; Landfill; Leachate; Methane; Solid waste; Sustainability
  48. Ann Transl Med. 2023 Feb 28. 11(4): 160
    Keywords:  Achalasia; bibliometrics; per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM)
  49. J Environ Manage. 2023 Mar 14. pii: S0301-4797(23)00515-7. [Epub ahead of print]336 117727
      The most frequent strategy for solid waste management, adopted across the globe is landfill. Through microbial decomposition municipal solid waste degrades, producing end products such as carbon dioxide, methane, volatile organic compounds, and leachate. High levels of organic waste and heavy metals content in leachate can cause pervasive damage to the ecosystem and contaminate groundwater. Leachate requires extensive treatment before being released into the environment because of its complex chemical composition and identifying the appropriate technologies for leachate treatment remains a key problem for municipal landfill operations. Given the possible harm caused by substantially contaminated leachate, it should adhere to stricter quality criteria for direct disposal of leachate and one treatment method cannot efficiently tackle all the pollutants. In order to reduce the landfill leachates high fouling power, pre-treatment of landfill leachate is necessary. The study provides a comprehensive review of pre-treatment technologies, as well as a critical assessment of strengths and limitations. Current review-based analysis was undertaken based on the filtered 395 papers published for science mapping and to evaluate the qualitative studies in the area of pre-treatment of Landfill Leachate till 2022. A three-step process was employed to conduct bibliometric analysis, qualitative valuation, and identification of influential and productive journals, countries, researchers and articles, emerging technology, and outlining some of the major research gaps in the research field.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Landfill leachate; Pre-treatment; Science-mapping
  50. Surgery. 2023 Apr;pii: S0039-6060(23)00101-0. [Epub ahead of print]173(4): 887
  51. Front Res Metr Anal. 2023 ;8 1106482
      In recent years, collaboration has become the norm in scientific knowledge production. Like other forms of collaboration, research collaborations (RCs) face specific problems that can jeopardize success. Against this background, the present study sought to gain a deeper understanding of the relevance of different collaboration problems and the interconnections among these problems. Building on previous insights into the most current problems, we addressed four major issues: (1) researchers' perceived relative relevance of collaboration problems in their projects (in terms of their occurrence), (2) differences in these perceptions based on the type of RC (e.g., number of subprojects and collaboration mode) and (3) on the characteristics of researchers, and (4) the co-occurrence of collaboration problems. Based on a representative survey of leading participants of RCs funded by the German Research Foundation (n = 5,326), we found that researchers experienced collaboration problems (e.g., fairness and communication problem) only to a small degree, and there were almost no differences regarding their perceived relevance. Furthermore, there were almost no significant differences concerning the perceived relevance of these problems depending on the type of RC or the individual researchers. However, the findings did reveal specific patterns of co-occurrence (e.g., relationship and difference problem). The results suggest that previous research may have overstated the relevance of collaboration problems in RCs. Instead, it seems that at least in Germany, collaborative research works better than one might assume.
    Keywords:  collaboration problems; differences; representative survey; research collaboration; research teams
  52. R Soc Open Sci. 2023 Mar;10(3): 221159
      In this paper, we classify scientific articles in the domain of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), as core subfields of artificial intelligence (AI), into whether (i) they extend the current state-of-the-art by the introduction of novel techniques which beat existing models or whether (ii) they mainly criticize the existing state-of-the-art, i.e. that it is deficient with respect to some property (e.g. wrong evaluation, wrong datasets, misleading task specification). We refer to contributions under (i) as having a 'positive stance' and contributions under (ii) as having a 'negative stance' (to related work). We annotate over 1.5 k papers from NLP and ML to train a SciBERT-based model to automatically predict the stance of a paper based on its title and abstract. We then analyse large-scale trends on over 41 k papers from the last approximately 35 years in NLP and ML, finding that papers have become substantially more positive over time, but negative papers also got more negative and we observe considerably more negative papers in recent years. Negative papers are also more influential in terms of citations they receive.
    Keywords:  SciBERT; citation sentiment; natural language processing; negativity; science-of-science; trend prediction
  53. Front Health Serv. 2022 ;2 848087
      Aim: The aim of this paper is to develop an understanding of how behavioral theories have influenced the way preferences for health-related quality of life are elicited and interpreted. We focus on the Time Trade-off (TTO) method given it represents the quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) concept-that survival in less-than-full health can be deemed equivalent to a shorter survival in full health. To our knowledge this is the first review using a combination of systematic scoping review, bibliometrics and VOSviewer visualization to map the development of ideas in health economics.Methods: A priori, we selected three behavioral theories to explore within our review, referred to here as Expected Utility Theory, Non-Expected Utility Theory and Probabilistic Choice Theory. A fourth topic, Order Effects, is defined broadly to encompass behavioral theories around timing/sequence of events. For the main search, Scopus was used to identify literature that had (a) elicited TTO values and/or (b) contributed to the way TTO values were elicited and interpreted, from inception to July 2021. Papers that focused on the latter category were given the label "behavioral" and underwent additional analyses. A two stage-screening was applied to assess eligibility. Co-citation, co-authorship and co-occurrence of keywords was used to chart the development of TTO over time.
    Results: A total of 1,727 records were retrieved from Scopus and were supplemented by an additional 188 papers. There were 856 applied and 280 behavioral papers included in the final corpus, with the behavioral set split equally into four sets of 70 papers to chart the development of keywords over time: (1) 1972-1999; (2) 2000-2010, (3) 2010-2015 and (4) 2015-2021.
    Discussion: The keyword analysis suggested that whilst some ideas transition quickly from economic theory to the TTO literature, such as the impact of Order Effects, others take longer to be assimilated, for example Non-Expected Utility models or failure of constant discounting. It is therefore important that researchers within health economics work more closely with those in mainstream economics and keep abreast of the wider economics and behavioral sciences to expedite the uptake of new and relevant ideas.
    Keywords:  Expected Utility Theory; Non-Expected Utility Theory; Order Effects; Probabilistic Choice Theory; Prospect Theory; evidence synthesis; time trade off; visualization
  54. Am J Med. 2023 Mar 09. pii: S0002-9343(23)00148-1. [Epub ahead of print]
      BACKGROUND: Higher productivity and team stability has been shown for gender diverse teams. However, there is a relevant and well-known gender gap in clinical and academic cardiovascular medicine. So far, no data concerning gender distribution in presidents and executive boards of national cardiology societies exist.METHODS: In this cross-sectional analysis, gender equality in presidents and representatives of all national cardiology societies, which are members of or affiliated with the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) in 2022 was analyzed. In addition, representatives of the American Heart Association (AHA) were evaluated.
    RESULTS: A total of 106 national societies were screened of which 104 were included in the final analysis. Overall, in these 104 societies, 90 out of 106 (85%) presidents were men while 14 (13%) were women. In the analysis of board members and executives, a total of 1128 individuals were included. Overall, 809 (72%) board members were men, 258 (23%) women and 61 (5%) of unknown gender. Except for society presidents in Australia, women were relevantly outnumbered by men in all world regions.
    CONCLUSION: Women were globally underrepresented in leading positions of national cardiology societies in all world regions. As national societies are important regional stakeholders, improving gender equality in executive boards might create women role models, help foster careers and narrow the global cardiology gender gap.
    Keywords:  cardiology; diversity; equality; esc; gender
  55. Rheumatol Int. 2023 Mar 13.
      Gender parity at conferences can facilitate progress in academia towards the attainment of gender equality as emphasized in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The Philippines is a low to middle-income country in the Asia Pacific with relatively egalitarian gender norms experiencing significant growth in rheumatology. We examined the Philippines as a case study to analyze the impact of divergent gender norms on gender equity in rheumatology conference participation. We used publicly available data from PRA conference materials from 2009 to 2021. Gender was identified from information provided by organizers, online science directory networks, and a name-to-gender inference platform, the Gender application program interface (API). International speakers were identified separately. The results were then compared to other rheumatology conferences around the world. The PRA had 47% female faculty. Women were more likely to be the first authors in abstracts at the PRA (68%). There were more females among new inductees in PRA with the male: female ratio (M:F) of 1:3. The gender gap among new members declined from 5:1 to 2.7:1 from 2010 to 2015. However, low female representation was observed among international faculty (16%). Gender parity at the PRA was found to be considerably better when compared to other rheumatology conferences in the USA, Mexico, India, and Europe. However, a wide gender gap persisted among international speakers. Cultural and social constructs may potentially contribute to gender equity in academic conferences. Further research is recommended to assess the impact of gender norms on gender parity in academia in other Asia-Pacific countries.
    Keywords:  Conferences; Equity; Gender; Medical education; Rheumatology
  56. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2023 Mar 14.
      INTRODUCTION: Artificial intelligence (AI), by means of computer vision in machine learning, is a promising tool for cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) diagnosis. The aim of this study was to provide a comprehensive overview of AI in medical imaging for CCA diagnosis.METHODS: A systematic review with scientometric analysis was conducted to analyze and visualize the state-of-the-art of medical imaging to diagnosis CCA.
    RESULTS: Fifty relevant articles, published by 232 authors and affiliated with 68 organizations and 10 countries, were reviewed in depth. The country with the highest number of publications was China, followed by the United States. Collaboration was noted for 51 (22.0%) of the 232 authors forming 5 clusters. Deep learning algorithms with convolutional neural networks (CNN) were the most frequently used classifiers. The highest performance metrics were observed with CNN-cholangioscopy for diagnosis of extrahepatic CCA (accuracy 94.9%; sensitivity 94.7%; and specificity 92.1%). However, some of the values for CNN in CT imaging for diagnosis of intrahepatic CCA were low (AUC 0.72 and sensitivity 44%).
    CONCLUSION: Our results suggest that there is increasing evidence to support the role of AI in the diagnosis of CCA. CNN-based computer vision of cholangioscopy images appears to be the most promising modality for extrahepatic CCA diagnosis. Our social network analysis highlighted an Asian and American predominance in the research relational network of AI in CCA diagnosis. This discrepancy presents an opportunity for coordination and increased collaboration, especially with institutions located in high CCA burdened countries.
    Keywords:  Artificial Intelligence; Cholangiocarcinoma; Imaging; Scientometrics; Systematic Review