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  1. PLoS One. 2019 ;14(6): e0218309
    Chinchilla-Rodríguez Z, Sugimoto CR, Larivière V.
      National contributions to science are influenced by a number of factors, including economic capacity, national scientific priorities, science policy, and institutional settings and cultures. Nations do not have equal opportunities to access the global scientific market, and therefore, often seek out international partners with complementary resources and expertise. This study aims at investigating national collaboration strategies, with a focus on research leadership-measured through corresponding authorship-and its relationship with scientific impact. Results show that countries with higher R&D investments are more scientifically independent, and confirm that international collaboration is positively related to citation impact. However, leadership in international collaboration is inversely related with a countries' share of international collaboration and there is a very little relationship between citation impact and international leadership. For instance, most countries-and particularly those that have fewer resources-have higher scientific impact when they are not leading. This suggests that, despite increasing global participation in science, most international collaborations are asymmetrical, and that the research system remains structured around a few dominate nations.
  2. Nature. 2019 Jun;570(7761): S4
    Keywords:  Databases; Institutions; Research management
  3. PeerJ. 2019 ;7 e7115
    Wang M, Li W, Tao Y, Zhao L.
      Background: Epilepsy during pregnancy presents a unique set of challenges for pregnant women, the fetus, and the health care community. As research in this area advances rapidly, it is critical to keep up with the emerging trends and key turning points of the development of the domain knowledge. This study aimed to construct a series of science maps to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the intellectual landscape and research frontiers in the field of epilepsy during pregnancy research.Methods: All publications were extracted from the Web of Science Core Collection database. Bibliometric analysis was used to analyze the scientific research outputs, including journals, countries/regions, institutions, authors (cited authors), intellectual base and research hotspots.
    Results: A total of 2,225 publications related to epilepsy during pregnancy were identified as published between 2000 and 2018. The overall trend of the number of publications showed a fluctuating growth from 59 articles in 2000 to 198 in 2018. Neurology was the leading journal in the field of epilepsy and pregnancy research both in terms of impact factor score (8.055) and H-index value (77). The US retained its leading position and exerted a pivotal influence in this area. The University of Melbourne was identified as a good research institution for research collaboration. Prof. Pennell and Tomson have made great achievements in this area, and Prof. Tomson laid a foundation for the development of this domain. The keyword "neonatal seizures" ranked first in research hotspots, and the keyword "autism spectrum disorders (ASD)" ranked first in research frontiers.
    Conclusions: Epilepsy during pregnancy is a fascinating and rapid development of subject matter. A more recent emerging trend focused on comprehensive management of pregnant and lactating women, evaluation of the safety and efficacy of newer antiepileptic drugs. The keywords "management issue," "brain injury," "meta-analysis," "in utero exposure," and "ASD" were the latest research frontiers and should be closely observed.
    Keywords:  Antiepileptic drugs; CiteSpace; Epilepsy; Pregnancy; Scientometrics; Visualization
  4. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2019 Jun 21. pii: 2019.4.PEDS18717. [Epub ahead of print] 1-9
    Ajmera S, Lee RP, Schultz A, Hersh DS, Lepard J, Xu R, Saad H, Akinduro O, Justo M, Fraser BD, Motiwala M, Dave P, Jimenez B, Wallace DA, Osikoya O, Norrdahl S, Dooley JH, Khan NR, Vaughn BN, Maher CO, Klimo P.
      OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to analyze the publication output of postgraduate pediatric neurosurgery fellows for a 10-year period as well as identify 25 individual highly productive pediatric neurosurgeons. The correlation between academic productivity and the site of fellowship training was studied.METHODS: Programs certified by the Accreditation Council for Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowships that had 5 or more graduating fellows from 2006 to 2015 were included for analysis. Fellows were queried using Scopus for publications during those 10 years with citation data through 2017. Pearson correlation coefficients were calculated, comparing program rankings of faculty against fellows using the revised Hirsch index (r-index; primary) and Hirsch index (h-index; secondary). A list of 25 highly accomplished individual academicians and their fellowship training locations was compiled.
    RESULTS: Sixteen programs qualified with 152 fellows from 2006 to 2015; 136 of these surgeons published a total of 2009 articles with 23,735 citations. Most publications were pediatric-specific (66.7%) clinical articles (93.1%), with middle authorship (55%). Co-investigators were more likely from residency than fellowship. There was a clustering of the top 7 programs each having total publications of around 120 or greater, publications per fellow greater than 12, more than 1200 citations, and adjusted ir10 (revised 10-year institutional h-index) and ih10 (10-year institutional h-index) values of approximately 2 or higher. Correlating faculty and fellowship program rankings yielded correlation coefficients ranging from 0.53 to 0.80. Fifteen individuals (60%) in the top 25 (by r5 index) list completed their fellowship at 1 of these 7 institutions.
    CONCLUSIONS: Approximately 90% of fellowship-trained pediatric neurosurgeons have 1 or more publications, but the spectrum of output is broad. There is a strong correlation between where surgeons complete their fellowships and postgraduate publications.
    Keywords:  ACPNF = Accreditation Council for Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship; bibliometrics; fellowship; h-index; h-index = Hirsch index; ih10 = 10-year institutional h-index; ih10c = ih10 index corrected for the number of fellows who graduated from the program within the 10-year period; ih5 = 5-year institutional h-index; ir10 = revised 10-year institutional h-index; ir10c = ir10 index corrected for the number of fellows who graduated from the program within the 10-year period; ir5 = revised 5-year institutional h-index; r-index; r-index = revised h-index; ranking; top 25
  5. Hand (N Y). 2019 Jun 18. 1558944719856632
    Peake M, Rotatori RM, Ovalle F, Gobble RM.
      Background: Abstract presentation at scientific meetings grants attendees early access to innovation within the field, and ultimate journal publication serves as marker of research quality. This study aims to assess the publication conversion rate of abstracts presented at the American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) annual conference over 5 years and examine variables related to publication. Methods: Abstract information for oral and poster presentations from the 2012 to 2016 AAHS annual meetings was obtained through the AAHS website. A comprehensive literature search was conducted for journal publications correlating with abstracts based on titles, authors, and key words. Variables analyzed included study type, time to publication, and journal of publication. Results: In all, 1135 abstracts were reviewed from the 5-year period, consisting of 535 oral presentations and 600 posters. Overall, 532 articles (47%) were published. The publication conversion rate was 49% for oral presentations and 45% for posters. Mean time to publication was 11 months, with most publications occurring within 2 years (87%). The most common journals for publication were Journal of Hand Surgery (30%), HAND (21%), and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (7%). Conclusions: About half of the studies presented at the annual AAHS meeting become published, with similar rates between oral and poster formats. Most of the successful abstracts achieved publication within 2 years from presentation, demonstrating the need for timely completion of manuscripts. The publication conversion rate increased in recent years, emphasizing the continued improvement of the scientific quality of presentations at the AAHS meeting.
    Keywords:  biostatistics; epidemiology; evaluation; health policy; outcomes; research and health outcomes
  6. Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2019 Jun 21. 1-8
    Hao X, Liu Y, Li X, Zheng J.
      ABSTRACTObjective:To analyze the development of disaster medicine and to identify the main obstacles to improving disaster medicine research and application.METHODS: A topic search strategy was used to search the Web of Science Core Collection database. The 100 articles with the highest local citation scores were selected for bibliometric analysis; summarizing informetric indicators; and preparing a historiography, themes network, and key word co-occurrence map.
    RESULTS: The 100 articles with the highest local citation scores were published from 1983 to 2013 in 9 countries, mainly in the United States. The most productive authors were Koenig and Rubinson. The lead research institution was Columbia University. The most commonly cited journal was the Annals of Emergency Medicine. The development of disaster medicine could be separated into 3 consecutive periods. All results indicate that the development of disaster medicine faces some obstacles that need to be addressed.
    CONCLUSIONS: Research works have provided a solid foundation for disaster medicine, but its development has been in a slow growth period for a long time. Obstacles to the development of disaster medicine include the lack of scientist communities, transdisciplinary research, innovative research perspectives, and continuous research. Future research should overcome these obstacles so as to make further advances in this field.
    Keywords:  bibliometrics; disaster medicine; historiography; local citation score; obstacles
  7. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2019 Jun 10. pii: S0303-8467(19)30182-9. [Epub ahead of print]183 105386
    Kim Y, Kim JE, Kim YH, Yoon DY, Kim YJ, Bae JS.
      OBJECTIVE: It is well known that social media influences politics and the economy. A new Web-based metric (Altmetrics) has recently been developed for use in scientific fields. The aim of this study was to determine which recent papers in the field of stroke have received the greatest amount of attention from the general public. The Altmetric Attention Score is an automatically calculated metric for monitoring social media.PATIENTS AND METHODS: An Altmetric Explorer search was performed on May 25, 2018 to extract the following information: (i) journal name, (ii) journal impact factor (IF), (iii) year of publication, (iv) article topic, (v) article type, and (vi) stroke subtype.
    RESULTS: The journal that published articles that received the most attention on social media was Stroke (n = 16). Articles with higher IFs are not expected to receive greater attention on social media. Twenty-one of the identified articles related to the subtypes of ischemic stroke. Regarding contents, approximately half of the top-10 ranked articles were about modifiable risk factors, especially diet and physical activities. Two recent articles on the extension of mechanical thrombectomy after 6 h were included on this list.
    CONCLUSIONS: There are some discrepancies in perspectives between scientific articles and general social media, and the Altmetric Attention Score is considered to more dynamically reflect the interests of the general public. We therefore suggest that physicians can use Altmetric analysis to identify what the general public actually wants to know about in the real world, while they should also have a critical view of the social media that attracts the public with a stimulating theme rather than a worthy subject.
    Keywords:  Cerebral infarction; Intracranial hemorrhages; Social media; Stroke; Twitter
  8. Sci Total Environ. 2019 Jun 07. pii: S0048-9697(19)32567-7. [Epub ahead of print]687 687-701
    Li H, Jiang HD, Yang B, Liao H.
      With the significant role that carbon capture and storage (CCS) could play in limiting the future temperature increase to below 2 °C higher than pre-industrialization levels, a growing research interest of CCS is attracted to the environmental, economic, and social field. However, a bibliometric analysis-based comprehensive review of CCS which covers mainly all industry sectors and all regions of the globe has not been made yet. To provide deeper insight into the research trends, this study employs a bibliometric analysis to examine the basic features of the literature from 1997 to 2017 and identifies the key research hotspots and modeling techniques by reviewing the current status and new efforts. Based on the analysis of the temporal and spatial trends, disciplines and journals distribution, institutions, authors, and citations, the publications relating to the environmental, economic and social aspects of CCS are assessed. The results indicate that the total number of publications has rapidly increased since 2006 and entered a stable stage. The most productive country, journal, institute, and author are the USA, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, United State Department of Energy, and Rubin E S, respectively. Based on the co-occurrence analysis of keywords, five hot research topics in CCS are recognized, including tackling climate change, CCS technology prospects, cost estimates, sectoral applications, and social attitudes. In addition, three main methodologies including life cycle analysis, optimization methods, and real options methods used in quantifying the social, economic, and environmental impacts of CCS are thoroughly refined based on selection, limitation, and improvement. Finally, the recommendations for CCS future work concerning environmental, economic, and social aspects are proposed.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; CCS; CCS modeling; Environmental, economic, and social impacts
  9. PLoS One. 2019 ;14(6): e0218273
    Hicks DJ, Coil DA, Stahmer CG, Eisen JA.
      In 2004, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation launched a new program focused on incubating a new field, "Microbiology of the Built Environment" (MoBE). By the end of 2017, the program had supported the publication of hundreds of scholarly works, but it was unclear to what extent it had stimulated the development of a new research community. We identified 307 works funded by the MoBE program, as well as a comparison set of 698 authors who published in the same journals during the same period of time but were not part of the Sloan Foundation-funded collaboration. Our analysis of collaboration networks for both groups of authors suggests that the Sloan Foundation's program resulted in a more consolidated community of researchers, specifically in terms of number of components, diameter, density, and transitivity of the coauthor networks. In addition to highlighting the success of this particular program, our method could be applied to other fields to examine the impact of funding programs and other large-scale initiatives on the formation of research communities.
  10. Nurs Outlook. 2019 May 02. pii: S0029-6554(18)30730-9. [Epub ahead of print]
    Kokol P, Blažun Vošner H.
      OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to analyse the literature production on application of bibliometrics in nursing research.METHODS: Historical, descriptive, and exploratory bibliometrics analyses were used. The papers were harvested from the Scopus bibliographical database (Elsevier, Maribor, Netherlands), on November 18th, 2018, using the search string bibliometric* in publication titles, abstracts, and keywords, limited to the subject of nursing, for the period 1970 to 2018.
    FINDINGS: The search resulted in 531 publications with 18 publications removed after manual inspection of publications abstracts. The literature production trend was positive. The nursing specific historical roots appeared only recently. The United States of America and Spain were the most productive countries, and most papers were published in Nutricion Hospitalaria and the Journal of Advanced Nursing. Descriptive analysis, research evaluation, content analysis, citation analyses, and trend analysis in nursing research were the most prolific themes.
    CONCLUSIONS: Applications of bibliometric in nursing is comparable to bibliometrics use in general, however there are some gaps including the use of altmetrics and of Big Data analysis.
    Keywords:  Bibliometrics; Historical roots; Nursing research; Papers as topics; Thematic analysis
  11. Cancer Inform. 2019 ;18 1176935119852620
    Baş Y, Şenel E.
      Background: Bibliometrics has been used for assessing and predicting trends in macro-health science and medical systems, especially in the field of cancer. Bibliometric and scientometric studies in the field of programmed cell death 1/programmed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-1/PD-L1) may guide further research in this field.Objective: To perform bibliometric analysis of articles on PD-1 and PD-L1 published in the academic literature during 1975 to 2017.
    Method: The bibliometric analysis was performed using the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database.
    Results: A total of 23 813 articles were retrieved, 73.52% of which were original articles. The United States was the leading country by total publication number (n = 10 897, 10.91%), followed by China (10.54%), and produced the most literature on PD-1/PD-L1 (164.65 articles). Among the institutions identified, Harvard University (USA) contributed the most articles on PD-1/PD-L1.
    Conclusions: All authors and institutions in the top 10 contributor's lists were from the developed countries. Researchers from the developing and least-developed countries should be encouraged to perform novel studies on PD-1 and PD-L1.
    Keywords:  PD-1; PD-L1; bibliometrics; immunotherapy; neoplasms
  12. PLoS One. 2019 ;14(6): e0218598
    Salerno PE, Páez-Vacas M, Guayasamin JM, Stynoski JL.
      Representation of women in science drops substantially at each career stage, from early student to senior investigator. Disparities in opportunities for women to contribute to research metrics, such as distinguished speaker events and authorship, have been reported in many fields in the U.S.A. and Europe. However, whether female representation in scientific contributions differs in other regions, such as Latin America, is not well understood. In this study, in order to determine whether female authorship is influenced by gender or institutional location of the last (senior) author or by subfield within ecology, we gathered author information from 6849 articles in ten ecological and zoological journals that publish research articles either in or out of Latin America. We found that female authorship has risen marginally since 2002 (27 to 31%), and varies among Latin American countries, but not between Latin America and other regions. Last author gender predicted female co-authorship across all journals and regions, as research groups led by women published with over 60% female co-authors whereas those led by men published with less than 20% female co-authors. Our findings suggest that implicit biases and stereotype threats that women face in male-led laboratories could be sources of female withdrawal and leaky pipelines in ecology and zoology. Accordingly, we encourage every PI to self-evaluate their lifetime percentage of female co-authors. Female role models and cultural shifts-especially by male senior authors-are crucial for female retention and unbiased participation in science.
  13. Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2019 Jun 17. 2047487319854827
    Manyangu G, Dineen B, Geoghegan R, Flaherty G.
      BACKGROUND: Lifestyle-based preventive cardiology aims to combat the global burden of cardiovascular disease. There have been rapid advances in lifestyle and behavioural interventions aimed at preventing cardiovascular disease in individuals at high risk and in the general population. This study is the first bibliometric analysis of publications in the field of lifestyle-based preventive cardiology.METHODS: Journal articles relating to lifestyle-based preventive cardiology published from 1996 to 2017 were retrieved from the Scopus database. The publications were limited to those in the English language. The data were indexed using bibliometric methodology and exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis. VOS viewer software was used to conduct co-occurrence and collaboration analysis between authors, institutions and countries.
    RESULTS: A total of 3300 publications were identified. The annual growth rate of publications increased globally during the study period. The USA made the highest contribution to global publications (1402) and total citation counts (68,540). Harvard Medical School was the most prolific institution and David Wood was the most prolific author in the field. The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published the largest number of articles in this field. Obesity was the most common theme.
    CONCLUSIONS: The current growth trends predict a large increase in the number of global publications on lifestyle-based preventive cardiology. Further research could focus on smoking cessation, which at present is under-represented in lifestyle-based preventive cardiology output.
    Keywords:  Cardiovascular disease prevention; bibliometric analysis; citation analysis; lifestyle medicine; preventive cardiology
  14. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Jun 12. pii: E2077. [Epub ahead of print]16(12):
    Fu L, Sun Z, He L, Liu F, Jing X.
      Since the early 1960s, long-term care (LTC) has attracted a broad range of attention from public health practitioners and researchers worldwide and produced a large volume of literature. We conducted a comprehensive scientometric review based on 14,019 LTC articles retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection database from 1963 to 2018, to explore the status and trends of global LTC research. Using CiteSpace software, we conducted collaboration analysis, document co-citation analysis, and keyword co-occurrence analysis. The results showed a rapid increase in annual LTC publications, while the annual citation counts exhibited an inverted U-shaped relationship with years. The most productive LTC research institutions and authors are located primarily in North American and European countries. A simultaneous analysis of both references and keywords revealed that common LTC hot topics include dementia care, quality of care, prevalence and risk factors, mortality, and randomized controlled trial. In addition, LTC research trends have shifted from the demand side to the supply side, and from basic studies to practical applications. The new research frontiers are frailty in elderly people and dementia care. This study provides an in-depth understanding of the current state, popular themes, trends, and future directions of LTC research worldwide.
    Keywords:  CiteSpace; long-term care; scientometric review; visualization
  15. PeerJ. 2019 ;7 e7103
    Hong T, Feng X, Tong W, Xu W.
      Background: Autophagy is an important mechanism to maintain homeostasis in cells. It has been linked with ageing and many currently incurable diseases, including heart disease, cancer, myopathies, neurodegeneration, and diabetes. Autophagy research is very important for identifying better treatments. This study aimed to explore the hotspots of autophagy research published from different countries, organizations, and authors.Methods: Between 1962 and 2018, articles published about autophagy were identified in the Web of Science database. The total and annual number of articles, citations, impact factor, Hirsch (H)-index, number of article citations, productive authors, and involved journals were collected for quantitative and qualitative comparisons.
    Results: From 1962 to 2018, 18,811 autophagy-related articles written in English were published. Most were from China (6,731). The United States dominated in citation frequency (391,030) and h-index (264). Among related journals, Autophagy published the most articles (1,388), followed by Plos One (585) and Oncotarget (392). Daniel Klionsky was the most productive author, with 171 publications. The article "LC3, a mammalian homologue of yeast Apg8p, is localized in autophagosome membranes after processing" was cited most frequently. The top-ranked keyword was "degradation" of macroautophagy.
    Conclusions: Publication of articles about autophagy has increased notably from 1962 to 2018, and has increased annually. The general quality of publications from China is still in need of improvement. Autophagy research has shifted gradually from basic studies to clinical studies in recent years.
    Keywords:  Autophagy; Bibliometric; Citation; H-index; VOS viewer
  16. Iran J Public Health. 2019 Mar;48(3): 410-420
    Pakdel F, Ghazavi R, Heidary R, Nezamabadi A, Parvizi M, Haji Safar Ali Memar M, Gharebaghi R, Heidary F.
      Background: Association of Selenium (Se) deficiency, an essential trace element, has been found with human diseases. Identifying literature trends on the effects of Se on the thyroid may guide in planning future studies.Methods: A literature search was conducted using the Web of Science database to identify studies on Se and the thyroid published over the 20 years duration (1995-Dec 2014). Scientometric indices were used to draw field maps. The scientific processes, structure, evidence history, and international collaborations were included in the map. The most influential authors, journals, institutions, and countries were also examined.
    Results: Our search identified 184 research and review papers. The number of scientific studies on Se and the thyroid has been irregular, but interest in this topic has increased in recent years. The highest number of studies was published in 2014 (16 papers) and overall growth factor of publication was 3.78. Overall, 744 authors from 282 institutions in 43 countries published in this field. The author J. Kohrle (828 citations, 14 publications), and German scientists (1272 citations, 30 publications) were most influential.
    Conclusion: This study reveals the interrelationships between different publications on the effects of Se on the thyroid. Leading scientific issues and their extent of impact were successfully determined by examining citations. The results of systematic citations and mapping fields can be used to assist in policy and management contexts.
    Keywords:  Field maps; International collaborations; Scientometric analysis; Selenium; Thyroid disorders
  17. World Neurosurg. 2019 Jun 14. pii: S1878-8750(19)31589-X. [Epub ahead of print]
    Ramos MB, Teixeira MJ, Preul MC, Spetzler RF, Figueiredo EG.
      OBJECTIVE: To perform a bibliometric analysis regarding brain and spinal arteriovenous malformations (AVM's).METHODS: We retrieved the 100 most cited papers in brain and spinal AVM's research from Scopus and assessed citation count, journal of publication and its impact factor, year of publication, first author and corresponding authors and their h-index, country, institution, department and study category.
    RESULTS: The median of citations per article was 215. Journal of Neurosurgery was the most prolific journal (39 articles and 12,069 citations), including nine of the ten most cited papers. Seventy articles (19,251 citations), including eight of the ten most cited, were from the United States. Barrow Neurological Institute was the most cited institution (7 articles and 2,792 citations), whereas Mayo Clinic had the greatest number of articles (8 articles and 1,994 citations). The majority of papers were published before 2000 (71 articles and 19,262 citations). The most discussed topics were treatment (40 articles and 9,560 citations) and natural history/clinical features (37 articles and 9,595 citations). Neurosurgery was the most prolific department (58 papers and 15,860 citations). Spetzler was the author with the highest number of articles (7) and citations (2,792).
    CONCLUSIONS: The brain and spinal AVM's research is centralized in the United States, mainly published in specific neurosurgical journals and more often related to treatment and natural history/clinical features. Possibly, high impact AVM's research is decreasing recently. Since the best approach to these pathologies remains controversial, research stimulation within this field is encouraged.
    Keywords:  Arteriovenous Malformations; Bibliometrics; Central Nervous System; Embolization; Microsurgery; Radiosurgery; Therapeutic
  18. Childs Nerv Syst. 2019 Jun 15.
    Lu VM, Power EA, Kerezoudis P, Daniels DJ.
      PURPOSE: Although the dismal clinical prognosis of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) has not changed, there has been significant progress in the academic literature made in the biological understanding of this brainstem tumor. The aim of this analysis was to evaluate citation and other bibliometric characteristics of the 100 most-cited DIPG articles in the current literature in order to better understand the current state of our academic efforts in this area.METHODS: Elsevier's Scopus database was searched for the 100 most-cited articles that focussed on DIPG. Articles were dichotomized as either primarily basic science (BSc) or clinical (CL) articles. Various bibliometric parameters were summarized and comparison between BSc and CL articles was performed using Pearson's chi-square and Mann-Whitney U tests.
    RESULTS: Of the 100 most-cited articles, 36 (36%) were BSc and 64 (64%) were CL articles. Overall median values were as follows: citation count, 52 (range, 27-261); citation rate per year, 8.6 (range, 1.7-104); number of authors, 9 (range, 1-63); and publication year, 2011 (range, 1997-2017). Articles were published in a total of 43 different journals and predominately originated in the USA (n = 67, 67%). When compared with CL articles, BSc articles reported significantly greater citation count (P = 0.03), citations rate per year (P < 0.01), number of authors (P < 0.01), and more recent years of publication (P < 0.01).
    CONCLUSIONS: The 100 most-cited articles about DIPG were characterized in this analysis. Although smaller in overall proportion, BSc articles demonstrated significantly increased bibliometric parameters, supporting the recent dominance of BSc in this field, primarily involving histone biology of the H3K27M mutation. Moving forward, it will be of great interest to see how the findings of these high-impact BSc articles will translate into future high-impact CL articles.
    Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Brainstem; Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma; Glioma; H3 K27M; Pediatric
  19. Gac Med Mex. 2019 ;155(3): 258-265
    Barajas-Ochoa A, Barajas-Ochoa Z, Ramos-Remus C.
      Introduction: CONACYT's Mexican Science and Technology Journals Classification System (SCRMCYT) includes the area of medicine and health sciences (M&HS).Objective: A bibliometric analysis of M&HS journals listed in SCRMCYT in 2018 was performed.
    Method: Twelve characteristics related to indexation in the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC), Scopus, and PubMed databases were analyzed. Indexed journals were analyzed on whether they had recent indexed publications (2017 and 2018). Indexed journals' 50 most-cited articles in WoSCC and Scopus were analyzed.
    Results: Of the 35 M&HS journals included in the 2018 SCRMCYT list, 31 (89 %) were indexed in Scopus (22 with indexed publications in 2017; 18 in 2018), 17 (49 %) in PubMed (10 with indexed publications in 2017 and 2018), and 12 (34 %) in WoSCC (12 with indexed publications in 2017; 8 in 2018). The 50 most-cited articles had been published only in 4 journals indexed in WoSCC and 5 in Scopus; 60 % were review articles.
    Conclusions: Approximately half the 2018 SCRMCYT M&HS journals lack publications indexed in 2018; this suggests that national and international relevance of these journals can be improved.
    Keywords:  Bases de datos bibliográficas; Bibliographic databases; Bibliometrics; Bibliometría; Mexico; México; Publicaciones seriadas; Serial publications