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on Cerebellar cortical circuitry
Issue of 2019‒03‒24
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Jun Maruta
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  1. J Comp Neurol. 2019 Mar 18.
    Na J, Sugihara I, Shinoda Y.
      The mammalian cerebellar cortex is compartmentalized, both anatomically and histochemically, into multiple parasagittal bands. To characterize the multiple zonal patterns of pontocerebellar mossy fiber projection, single neurons in the basilar pontine nucleus (BPN) were labeled by injecting biotinylated dextran amine into the BPN, and the entire axonal trajectory of single labeled neurons (n=25) was reconstructed in relation to aldolase C compartments of Purkinje cells in rats. Single pontocerebellar axons, after passing through the contralateral middle cerebellar peduncle, ran transversely in the deep cerebellar white matter toward and often across the midline, and on their ways, gave rise to 2-10 primary collaterals at almost right angles in specific lobules only contralaterally or bilaterally with contralateral predominance. Each primary collateral further branched in a parasagittal plane to form a strip-shaped longitudinal termination zone with rosette-type swellings clustered in aldolase C-positive compartments in a single or multiple lobules, mainly in compartment 4+//5+, 5+//6+ and 6+//7+. Axons arising from the central, rostral and lateral part of the BPN projected with multiple branches, mainly to simple lobule, crus II and paramedian lobule, to crus I and dorsal paraflocculus, and to ventral paraflocculus and lobule IXc, respectively. The results showed the pontocerebellar projection is closely related to lobular and compartmental organization of the cerebellum. A comparison of single axon morphologies of different mossy fiber systems indicates that the projection pattern of single pontocerebellar neurons with multiple collaterals innervating different longitudinal compartments arranged in a mediolateral direction represents a general feature of mossy fiber projection. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
    Keywords:  RRID AB_2313920; aldolase C; mossy fiber; pontine nucleus; single neuron morphology; zebrin