bims-ciryme Biomed News
on Circadian rhythms and metabolism
Issue of 2021‒02‒21
one paper selected by
Gabriela Da Silva Xavier
University of Birmingham

  1. Genes Dev. 2021 Feb 18.
      It has been assumed that the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) synchronizes peripheral circadian oscillators. However, this has never been convincingly shown, since biochemical time series experiments are not feasible in behaviorally arrhythmic animals. By using long-term bioluminescence recording in freely moving mice, we show that the SCN is indeed required for maintaining synchrony between organs. Surprisingly, however, circadian oscillations persist in the livers of mice devoid of an SCN or oscillators in cells other than hepatocytes. Hence, similar to SCN neurons, hepatocytes can maintain phase coherence in the absence of Zeitgeber signals produced by other organs or environmental cycles.
    Keywords:  circadian gene expression; in vivo bioluminescence recording; liver; suprachiasmatic nucleus