bims-ciryme Biomed News
on Circadian rhythms and metabolism
Issue of 2021‒02‒14
one paper selected by
Gabriela Da Silva Xavier
University of Birmingham

  1. Science. 2021 Feb 12. pii: eabd0951. [Epub ahead of print]371(6530):
      Circadian clocks temporally coordinate physiology and align it with geophysical time, which enables diverse life-forms to anticipate daily environmental cycles. In complex organisms, clock function originates from the molecular oscillator within each cell and builds upward anatomically into an organism-wide system. Recent advances have transformed our understanding of how clocks are connected to achieve coherence across tissues. Circadian misalignment, often imposed in modern society, disrupts coordination among clocks and has been linked to diseases ranging from metabolic syndrome to cancer. Thus, uncovering the physiological circuits whereby biological clocks achieve coherence will inform on both challenges and opportunities in human health.