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on Context effects on human mate choice
Issue of 2020‒12‒06
two papers selected by
Jay Dixit

  1. J Marital Fam Ther. 2020 Dec 04.
    Erkan I, Kafesçioğlu N, Cavdar A, Zeytinoğlu-Saydam S.
      Using attachment theory as the framework, this qualitative study focused on the romantic relationship experiences of regular mindfulness meditators and their meditation-naïve or nonregularly meditating partners (NMPs). The sample consisted of eight heterosexual and two same-sex couples. Thematic analysis (TA) yielded seven themes on three levels. Three intrapersonal themes were (a) meta-awareness of one's emotional strategies; (b) shift in emotion regulation strategies; and (c) shift in relationship with oneself. The relationship-level themes of meditators emerged as (d) experiential shift in stressful situations; (e) transformation of the emotional bond; and (f) transformation of the romantic relationship; the nonmeditating partners confirmed the relational and individual shifts due to their partner's practice. Integrating attachment theory with meditation practice can thus be a valuable approach for couple and family therapy. A regular meditation practice of even just one of the partners may be beneficial for the couple relationship.
    Keywords:  attachment theory; couple; long-term meditator; meditation; mindfulness; thematic analysis
  2. J Sex Marital Ther. 2020 Nov 30. 1-15
    Rothman K, Cicila LN, McGinn M, Hatch SG, Christensen A, Doss BD.
      Using a sample of 134 distressed, different-sex couples, this study investigated the effects of Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy and Traditional Behavioral Couple Therapy on sexual dissatisfaction and sexual frequency both during treatment and in the five years following treatment. Therapy effects depended on treatment type, gender, and whether sexual distress was identified as a presenting problem; while couple therapy may initially improve some aspects of the sexual relationship, impacts tend to fade over follow-up. Couple therapy may benefit from incorporating a greater emphasis on sex and inclusion of techniques from sex therapy.