bims:Biomed News

Biomed News—or “bims” for short—is an emerging service for experts in biomedical topics as covered by PubMed. The experts curate topic-specific reports. In that way, they stay up-to-date with the topic. At the same time, they demonstrate their expertise.

We continue to recruit experts as selectors to open reports. When you become a selector, you will realize that our machine-learning based relevance order is more flexible, more precise and more fun than PubMed searches.

Our selector Christian Frezza, the Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Metabolomics in Aging in Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne put it this way on 2022‒01‒04:

As a scientist, being up to date with the literature is a must. Yet, the overwhelming number of papers and reviews on any given topics makes it very hard to stay on top of current works, and PubMed [searching] is no longer enough. Biomed News offers a unique opportunity to identify papers that match your exact needs using a dedicated machine-learning-based relevance order that is based on your scientific interest. What is even more exciting is that this algorithm improves every time you select new papers. Forget keywords, PubMed searches, and lengthy scrolling. Get Biomed News, select your relevant papers today!

And yes, our system is free to use and the data is free to reuse.

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